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The three musketeers-Paul Anderson

Transcripts – Three Musketeers “The Three Musketeers” is the most expensive project for both the company Constantin Film and the director Paul W. S. Anderson, and its $100 million budget makes it the biggest European movie of the year. Coming off of the record success of their previous collaboration, the most recent chapter in their long running “resident Evil” franchise, the new film aims at targeting a wider market by tackling one of the most famous adventure stories of European literature. Anderson who is known for his dystopian sci-fi aesthetic, sees this as a logical next step, building on his well-known action cred to expand from his core audience with a lush period adventure. Team: What is your take about the movie? Anderson: I was very aware that we were making “Three Musketeers” in a post – ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ world, where ‘Pirates’ had really kind of upped the ante and created a slightly different kind of genre. Team: Is it like a traditional p…

Anushka Manchanda, Gaurav & Ankur Tiwari performed on the songs from the film 'Soundtrack' at the Force India Speed Nights at Hard Rock Cafe.


Tere Mere Phere's sangeet ceremony

The Sangeet Ceremony of Deepa Sahi’s Directorial debut TERE MERE PHERE was a fun filled evening with song and dance performances by the young debutant music composer Shivi Kashyap, the colourful Baba Sehgal was at his best and got everyone on stage dancing. Gorgeaous Riya sens dressed for the sangeet and Vinay Pathak complemented the evening with their jigs on stage. Vinay Pathak seems very concerned about his dhoti that Riya while trying to help him pulled it jokingly. New comers Jagrat and sasha continued on arguments and fights on marriage on stage while match maker Deepa Sahi waited with Ketan Mehta to join all on stage. Govind Nihlani who launched Deepa Sahi in TAMAS did the honours of unveiling the music. Other guests who added to the charm of the evening were, Manmohan Shetty,Rakesh Bedi, Anu Ranjan, Amole Gupte, Subur Khan, Siddharth Kak,Choreographer Jeetu, Chandra Barot and host of other guests. Riyaz Gangji who dressed the stars for the evening was personally presen…