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English Film Review Johnson Thomas Spuriously adventurous Exotica Film: Kung Fu Yoga Cast: Jackie Chan, Aarif Rahman, Sonu Sood, Lay Zhang, Disha Patani, Zhang Guoli, Amyra Dastur, Eric Tsang Director: Stanley Tong Rating: * * ½ Runtime: 107 min. ‘Octopussy’ meets ‘Indiana Jones’ and the resultant is not exactly thrilling. Jack Chan(Jackie Chan) is supposedly one of the most renowned archaeologists in China, a self-confessed Indiana Jones fan and an Indophile to boot-giving lectures on the Bhagwad Gita and well versed in the Mahabharatha, so it’s no surprise when a young, pretty counterpart from India, Asmita(Disha Patani) and her assistant Kyra(Amrya Dastur) come to him to decode an ancient map that is supposed to hint at a vast family treasure buried somewhere within the India-Tibet border. He is 62 years old but still as sprightly as a young buck and can teach his martial arts trained nephew (Aarif Rahman) whom he recruits as one of his expedition members, a …