Who is the True Father of indian Cinema? Dadasaheb Phalke or Dadasaheb Torne??

Ramchandra Gopal Torne (13 April 1890 -19th january 1961) had made a recording of a play 'Pundalik' and sent it for processing to London to later on release it in Coronation Cinematograph, Mumbai on 18th May 1912. the event was reported in the times of India and a review was published in the same paper a few weeks later. The film ran to a packed house with more than three-fourths of the then Hindi population having viewed it within the two weeks of it's run there.
Considering this unquestionable fact can we still honestly say that Dadasaheb Phalke whose first film 'Raja Harishchandra' was released only a year later on May 9th , 1913, is the father of Indian cinema???
The Directory of Filmmakers and Film states Torne to be the first Indian to make and release a full-length story based film and therefore he is the father of Indian Cinema
Another reputed and established reference archive-Oxford's Encyclopedia of Indian Cinema(Page 227) mentions Torne's 'Pundalik' as the first Indian movie.Shouldn't he be given his due too , in the annals of Indian History? Shouldn't the state and the Central government , as well as the film industry constitute a series of awards in his honor too????
Check out the facts in the pics appended below and type down your comments on this issue!


  1. Dadasaheb phalke was not selfish he created first industry standard cinema with Indians and with the definition of cinema not Drama. Even before Mr. Torne there have been many such cinemas but all those cannot be cakked as pioneer of film industry. Whatever proof is given by Mr. Patil is not a proof I have in dadashebs own words the proof given by him in a interview which was taken by by a committe.It is clear from that the pioneer of film INDUSTRY is Dadasaheb and none other.

    1. मी या मताशी १००% सहमत आहे. दादासाहेब तोरणे यांनी नाटकाचे चित्रीकरण केले होते. त्यामूळे त्याला काही चित्रपट म्हणता येणार नाही.चित्रपटामध्ये वेगवेगळी द्रुष्य़े एका विशीष्ट क्रमाने जोडून एक कथानक सांगितले जाते.हे तंत्र दादासाहेब फ़ाळके यांनी सर्वप्रथम वापरून आज ज्याला चित्रपट म्हणतात तो निर्माण केला. तसेच या माध्यमाचा वापर करून व्यवसाय करता येतो हे सिद्ध केले.
      म्हणून चित्रपट व्यवसायाचे जनक दादासाहेब फ़ाळके हेच ठरतात.


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