#MissionImpossibleRogueNation #EnglishHollywoodFilmMovieReviews #JohnsonThomas Rating: * * * 1/2

#MissionImpossibleRogueNation #EnglishHollywoodFilmMovieReviews #JohnsonThomas Rating: * * * 1/2 
mission impossible rogue nation poster के लिए चित्र परिणाम

#PicksAndPiquesSnippetFilmReview7thAug2015 #JohnsonThomas
 mission impossible rogue nation poster के लिए चित्र परिणाम
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 mission impossible rogue nation poster के लिए चित्र परिणाम

#Bangistan (Hindi) Rating: * *  An attempted satire located in fantasyland, this one tries hard to make a pitch for Hindu –Muslim understanding. The theme may be noble but the narrative just doesn’t have the requisite ‘lightness of being’ to make it entertaining. To start-off, the idea wasn’t an unsound one but the writing definitely veers towards that. A few more rewrites could have fleshed out the sit-com like set-pieces much better and brought on a few laughs.. but alas! Helmer #KaranAnshuman was once a film critic , now he is just another struggling, wannabe ( aiming-to-make-it-rich-on-mediocrity) filmmaker . It’s just sad to see how the mighty have fallen. #KaranAnshuman #JungleePictures #AAFilmsNartionwide #FilmCommissionPoland  #ExcelStudios #ExcelEntertainment #RiteishDeshmukh #PulkitSamrat #JacquelineFernandez #ChandanRoySanyal #RiteshSidhwani #FarhanAkhtar #SpicePR Runtime: 135 mins
 mission impossible rogue nation poster के लिए चित्र परिणाम
#Jaanisaar (Hindi) Rating: * * ½ Three decades after his stunning and aesthetically affecting #UmraoJaan with the majestically evocative #Rekha giving us one of her most endearing and unforgettable performances, comes this near re-cant from the master filmmaker #MuzzaffarAli. The milieu, the culture, the aesthetics are top-class here but there’s no magic to be had. The revisit to the Awadhi-Lucknowi tehzeeb is pretty but reverentially hollow too. The story set around the first war of Independence (Mutiny)1857, lacks gravitas and the treatment pales in comparison to it’s more distinctive opulent cousin. Also the cast and performances lack in class and depth. I for one am grateful that filmmaker MuzaffarAli is back..just wish he had come back with a bang!  #KotwaraStudios #MuzaffarAli #MeeraAli #PerniaQureshi #ImranAbbas #BinaKak #DalipThahil  #CarlWharton #SMProductions #GianniGiannelli #SankalpMeshram #RakshaEntertainmentPvtLtd #AbidYunusKhan #CarlWharton #NatalieArikan #BenjaminCoakley #LuvBhargav #FriðrikGuðmundsson
#HrafnkellHringur #ArnoKrimmer #RaindropMedia
Runtime: 124 mins
 mission impossible rogue nation poster के लिए चित्र परिणाम
#KaalaSachTheBlackTruth (Hindi) Rating: * ½  the film  attempts to highlight the cruelty and inhumane treatment of women in the name of Witch Hunting. Crude and revolting, the  exhuming of a social evil is treated in a cobbled together fashion. Performances are loud and veering towards the over-the-top while the music and dialogues prefer to hyper-ventilate rather than speak from the heart. While the social evil at the centre of this themed enterprise is no doubt deplorable, the ensuing on screen saga doesn’t allow for any empathy or understanding. This burning issue that has breeding grounds in as many as 12 states (as per NCRB) definitely deserved a better film. This one is not it!     
#JDPictures #JeetendraSoni #RufyKhan #PakhiHegde #HimaniShivpuri #MushtaqKhan #SanjayBatra #Rajesh #AmitGhanshyam #BrijeshTripathi #LokeshMohanKhattar #HarishChhabda #GulshanThareja.
#MayankShrivastava #Abraham
#BrijeshShrivastava #InsourcePR #UshaShrichand Runtime: 120 mins
 mission impossible rogue nation poster के लिए चित्र परिणाम

#MissionImpossibleRogueNation (English) Rating: * * * ½ A frenetic, palpably exciting, breathlessly paced, generic action extravaganza firing on all cylinders. From the opening sequence to the climactic one it’s one unstoppable wildly exhilarating run of wit, skill and smarts! #TomCruise #SimonPegg #AlecBaldwin #ParamountPictures #Viacom18 #JankiPatel #KeshaMehta #ChristopherMcQuarrie #JeremyRenner #VingRhymes #SeanHarris #RobertElswit #JoeKraemer #PaulaPatton #SimonMcBurney #RebeccaFerguson
Runtime: 133 mins

mission impossible rogue nation poster के लिए चित्र परिणाम

English Film Review
Johnson Thomas      

Frenetic, breath-taking Generic Actioner 
 mission impossible rogue nation poster के लिए चित्र परिणाम
Film: Mission:Impossible Rogue Nation
Rating: * * * ½
Running Time: 132 min.
 mission impossible rogue nation poster के लिए चित्र परिणाम
Synopsis:Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his teammates reunite for this pulse-pounding sequel, in which they attempt to take down a secret international organization known as the Syndicate--highly skilled ex-IMF agents who are intent on bringing down their former outfit. Christopher McQuarrie directs this new entry in the Mission Impossible franchise, with Rebecca Fergusson, Jeremy Renner, Alec Baldwin, and Simon Pegg co-staring
 mission impossible rogue nation poster के लिए चित्र परिणाम
The spy-crime thriller genre has seen many new and markedly superlative entrants. ‘Kingsman’ was the most recent release this year while James Bond’s ‘Spectre’ and the Guy Ritchie directed ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E’ are the much awaited ones. So not much was expected from a franchise that was assumed to have put it’s best efforts behind it. Tom Cruise’s MI franchise’s latest edition though is quite a well packaged speed happy thriller. Mission:Impossible Rogue Nation ably helmed by Christopher McQuarrie gets it’s mojo from the TVseries’ inspiration and mixes it with old fashioned Bond set-ups to fashion a thrill a minute high tension escapade that sets your heart pounding and keeps you immersed in nervy anticipation for most of it’s run time. 
Characters who have appeared alongside Hunt during the franchise's 19-year run find a look-see in this edition. IMF member , who has appeared in all previous five installments is Ving Rhames' Luther. And he gets a supporting character with minimal screen time here. Simon Pegg, who was in the last two segments gets his his third Mission: Impossible outing. Here he has a meaty part, that is quite pivotal to the plotting. And Jeremy Renner, who seems to be on an upswing career path -the only actor to feature in both the Mission: Impossible and Jason Bourne franchises, gets to reprise his role from Ghost Protocol. Of course Tom cruise ‘s Ethan Hunt is the unassailable star of the franchise and gets to do all those athletic body wrangling routines that would do a world beating gymnast, proud.
mission impossible rogue nation poster के लिए चित्र परिणाम

The Ghost Protocol, with it’s high velocity effects seemed like the franchise’s pinnacle but Rogue Nation goes one better.
You don’t look for logic in a genre franchise but certainly narrative consistency and overall believability even if it is achieved by reason of it’s break-neck pace, is a must. And Rogue Nation really steams through all those heavy duty (expectedly silly) narrative contortions. And the palpable suspense keeps you on your toes.
The syndicate, the chief villain in this Franchise is a figment from those TV series days. And Ghost protocol had hinted on it towards it’s climax. Lead by a corrupt ex-British agent (Sean Harris) the mirror like anti-IMF is out to destroy all the chief players in the secret agency and gain a stranglehold on all it’s funding. CIA director Hunley (Alec Baldwin) is convinced the IMF guys have turned rogue and  succeeds in getting the IMF's charter revoked while having the agents absorbed into his organization. Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), who is chasing the Syndicate in Europe, refuses to come in from the cold. And is soon joined by his faithfuls Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg),William Brandt (Jeremy Renner) and Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames).  Ilsa (Rebecca Ferguson), who helps Hunt escape from a near-death scenario also betrays him on the next turn. So he is not too sure whether she's a British agent, a double agent, or a triple agent and is quite prepared to let her escape if only to make the chase more interesting.
mission impossible rogue nation poster के लिए चित्र परिणाम

McQuarrie won an Oscar winner for his script of 1995's The Usual Suspects so he is no novice when it comes to having an ace up his sleeve. Despite this being a genre sustainer, there are enough sit-up and take notice moments to keep you on edge. The  awe factor includes a Moroccan motorcycle chase and underwater sequence that has Ethan getting through his signature bodily contortions in what appears like a giant washing machine that has massive jets of water whooshing around. Ethan has to maneuver himself through the  openings while being swished by the powerful streams of  water in order to reach an underwater safe that has the key to the Syndicate’s plans. 
mission impossible rogue nation poster के लिए चित्र परिणाम

 The Opera house sequence is a canny fight aided by smart speed editing and the opening plane stunt actually sets a strong tempo for what is to come. The pacing was not all even but manages to stay consistent for long stretches and deliver when it’s required. Despite the predictability of the outcomes, this one holds your attention throughout and that’s quite a hard nut to crack for any spy-action-thriller. Cruise manages to stay convincing and Rebecca Fergusson impresses with her Bond girl panache. her presence in fact lifts the franchise’s entertainment value up by a notch at least. At the end of the day Rogue Nation will be a worthy competitor for the best in the series – one that so far had Ghost Protocol as top-of-the-list!


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