Sensational Grozny Blues by Nicola Bellucci in Locarno

sensational doc 뇲ozny Blues렷ill be part of the Panorama Suisse (Made in Switzerland) at the Festival del film Locarno 2015
"Grozny Blues" - Documentary, Switzerland 2015, 104 min., Russian-Chechen
Screening time:
August 14th, 11am: Cinema FEVI, Locarno, Switzerland
뇲ozny Blues렦ollows a few people around Grozny, the capital of war-torn Chechnya where daily life is defined by political repression, constricting customs, forced Islamification and the failure to come to terms with recent history.
The film revolves around four women who have been fighting for human rights under worsening conditions for many years but get more and more disillusioned with the situation in PutinⳠRussia.
The building where they work is also home to a Blues Club that is frequented by a group of young people.
Having only vague memories of the Chechen wars in the 90s, they try to make sense of the strange things that are happening in their country.
In linking the personal and intimate to the political, Nicola Bellucci shows in a dramatic and yet very poetic way what it means to live in a divided society that navigates a no-manⳠland between war and peace, repression and freedom, archaic traditions and modern life.


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