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#PicksAndPiquesSnippetFilmReview13thNov2015 #JohnsonThomas

#PicksAndPiquesSnippetFilmReview13thNov2015 #JohnsonThomas
Thoongaa Vanam के लिए चित्र परिणामMumbai pune Mumbai 2 के लिए चित्र परिणाम

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#PicksAndPiquesSnippetFilmReview13thNov2015 #JohnsonThomas

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo के लिए चित्र परिणाम

#PremRatanDhanPayo(Hindi) Rating: * * 1/2 Old W(h)ine ,New Floatel. Grandiose Deification of ‘Filmy’ values. It’s the beatification of the former enfant terrible and in the confirmed order of things it’s done with a smaltzy, artifice laden, sweetly revolting opulence that sticks in your craw. Sooraj Barjatya may not want to despoil his fantastical oeuvre by getting real and gritty but really..spewing forth with yet another hoary, indigestible  ‘fairy’ tale may not be the best way to go about it. A lot of Prem, Ratan and Dhan ( sold at around Rs 140 crore aprrox. per territory, I believe)has surely gone into this one so expecting an equal ‘Lakshmi’ at the Box-office is going to be a tough ask.  #SpicePR #RajshriProductionsPLTd #FoxStarStudios #VijaySingh #SoorajBarjatya #SalmanKhan #SonamKapoor #SwaraBhaskar #NeilNitinMukesh #AashikaBhatia #AnupamKher #DeepakDobriyal #ArmaanKohli #VManikandan #KamalKumarBarjatya #RajkumarBarjatya #AjitKumarBarjatya  #SuhasiniMulay #NitinChandrakantDesai #HimeshReshammiyan #IrshadKamil  Runtime: 179 mins
             Run Bhuumi के लिए चित्र परिणाम                                                                           
#RunbhuumiChampsDontCry (Hindi) Rating: *1/2 Run-ning out of steam from the word ‘go.’ A film that wears it’s flaky ideals on it’s sleeve, this one springs a ‘chicken’ to race among the hares and it’s a completely contrived, unbecoming and unedifying addition to the short line-up of generic  ‘wannabe’ sports movies. Hoping to piggy back on the dole-ful blustering ‘Beti bachao’ campaign this film is unbecoming, is as hackneyed as they come,  and lacks sincerity and grit. #BeenaAhuja #Qmedia #RanveerSinghRathore #HimaniAttri #WhiteKnightProductions #OriginPicturesStudioz #PrashantSinghRathore #CPIMovies #RenukaArora #PiyuChauhan #MansoobHaider #Hema Singh #BhagwanTiwari #RichJuniorsEntertainment #V&WDesignStudios Runtime:102 mins
 Thoongaa Vanam के लिए चित्र परिणाम
 #ThoongaaVanam(Tamil) Rating: * * * ½  A Tamil adaptation of the French film ‘#SleeplessNight’ Kamal Hassan’s latest is a rock-solid thriller designed to keep you rooted and rooting for the IRS officer in NCB, Diwakar,  who finds himself in a piquant situation of wanting to be the messenger of justice and save his own son who has been taken hostage. Sharp, cleverly set-up , smoothly structured, perfectly acted with a payoff that’s sure to bring you to the edge of your seats and some, this one has it all. Yes, it’s generic but it’s also unpredictable in it’s character motivations. Smartly shot, the opening myopic point-of-view expands to a world of disarray that helps cross over the thin line between perception and reality. The pressure cooker plotting and the fluidity of scene-shifts make this a humdinger worthy of a watch for sure.    #SChandrahasan #KamalHassan #RKFI #GokulamPictures #Trisha #PrakashRaj #Kishore #AshaSarath #RajeshMSelva #SanuVerghese Runtime: 127 mins

Vedalam के लिए चित्र परिणाम
#Vedalam(Tamil) Rating: * * Crassly commercial hero-worship is the weak link here. Ajit as a Phantom (minus the costume) gets yet another film to show off his fighting ability and augment his do-gooder filmy persona. Song, dance, good versus evil fights follow apropos orchestrated with feverish glee to the beat of a resounding background score. The heroines have nothing much to do other than sit pretty. It’s an Ajit Kumar showboat so there’s no room for either logic or anyone else( all props). Populist elements mar the show further.  #Siva #AjithKumar #LakshmiMenon #ShrutiHaasan. Runtime: 157 mins

Mumbai pune Mumbai 2 के लिए चित्र परिणाम
#MumbaiPuneMumbai2LagnalaYaychach(Marathi) Rating: * * * Like it’s predecessor, this sequel too employs puns to score it’s laughs. and the puns are but obviously on Mumbaikars and Punekars. Don’t worry …you won’t get offended because it’s done in a playful evocative manner that allows for instant identification with what’s transpiring on screen. The main plot though is about marriage and the uncertainties that follow in it’s wake. Richly colored with wonderful, lovable characters and fashioned in a strongly believable tone it’s a smart entertainer- an equal rival to the first for your affections.  And it’s all done with realistic zeal and great deal of charm. Not to be missed! #SwapnilJoshi #MuktaBarwe #PrashantDamle #SavitaPrabhune #AsawariJoshi Runtime: 159 mins

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