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#HateStory4 #HindiBollywoodFilmMovieReview #FilmCriticJohnsonThomas Bollywood Film Review Johnson Thomas Love-less and Thank-less Film: Hate Story 4 Cast: Urvashi Rautela, Karan Wahi, Vivan Bhatena and Ihana Dhillon, Gulshan Grover, James Abbey, Rita Siddiqui Director: Vishal Pandya Rating: * Runtime: 131 mins The title might herald it as a sequel but it’s certainly not. It’s the theme of hate and revenge that runs through all the editions of this franchise and of course having a brand that recalls sex and sleaze is probably helpful at the box-office. If love was about war then this sleaze racket could be termed romance. The notion that love and romance entails vengeance enough to pit brother against brother in a triangular face-off could have been handled with far more subtlety and class but then it’s obvious the T series team is not looking for critical applause. Their idea of a tight scene is allowing the camera to slowly and intimately caress the hot-bods with a lasciviousness that signifies repression rather than liberation. Vishal Pandya who appears to have made a success of this skin show series goes all out to hit the over eager male libido on the groin with steamy suggestiveness and corny squeamishness. The dialogues by Milap Zaveri, accompanying that coy cinematographic prudishness is something worth howling about too. All the three main male characters, the father Vikram Khurana(Gulshan Grover) , Aryan Khurana(Vivaan Bhathena) and Rajveer Khurana( Karan Wahi) strain their underwear over Taasha(Urvashi Rautela) who has much more on her mind than just sex with the trio. Murder, blackmail, and revenge, show up as an after-thought while the plot takes several breaks for some song and dance foreplay. The story of revenge is old hat so Pandya prefers to keep you engaged with cheap erotic thrills. The film is certainly not about justice and neither can it claim to play the feminist card by having the heroine dictate the narrative turn. Those two shrouded elements are merely meant to gain it some respectability which it certainly doesn’t deserve. It portrays women in a poor light, promotes exhibitionism even when it’s shown to be championing their cause. The steady stream of erotica on offer in a slick well-endowed package, set in London, doesn’t really engage because there is no intimacy or real emotion underneath that blow-hot-blow-cold brash overtness. Sameer Arora’s story or whatever you might call it, twists , turns and literally gets all waddled-up in it’s attempts to make sense of the heroine’s angst. The music is forgettable, performances are hollow and the overall experience is more likely to give you a migraine instead of a you-know-what! Johnsont307@gmail.com


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