Arjun Kapoor, Javed Akhtar along with Renowned Writer and Film Critic J. P. Chouksey launched Debashish Irengbam’s book ME, MIA, Multiple

Arjun Kapoor, Javed Akhtar along with Renowned Writer and Film Critic J. P. Chouksey launched Debashish Irengbam’s book ME, MIA, Multiple at Title Waves Book Store Bandra, The Book is Published by HarperCollins India.
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About the book (Blurb) - Killing yourself should be easy, right? Pop a few sleeping pills, lie on a railway track and let the train do the rest of the work. Neat, swift, painless. Yet dramatic. What could possibly go wrong with Jeevan Raikar’s plan? Well, as it turns out, plenty of things.
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 For one, there’s a girls’ night out happening at the graveyard next door and a vodka -swilling weirdo won’t let Jeevan kick the bucket. She’ll charm, she’ll cajole, she’ll mock. She’ll even stoop to blackmail. Honestly, can’t a guy just off himself in peace? Thus begins a comedy of terrors in which Jeevan finds himself stuck with three oddball characters - bubbly Mia, raging Tanya and sensuous Alisha. 

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Which might still seem like an enviable situation to be in, but for one tiny catch. They are all the same person. This is a moving, hilarious debut that cares little for convention. You’ll tear through it with sheer pleasure.

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About the author - Debashish Irengbam is a Mumbai-based scriptwriter who has written scripts for shows aired on Star TV and MTV and has also worked in the creative department of UTV Motion Pictures. He is currently writing his first full length feature. This is his first novel.
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