Cine Summit Aviv Vana

I was recently speaking with Danny Sangra, a super talented Director, and in our conversation I discovered that one of his films, A Vimeo Staff Pick (link), was written the same morning it was shot.

Is becoming a great filmmaker really all about just getting out there and making something? Anything?

Is the key really to just get out there and get started?

I'd have to honestly say that it's definitely not everything but it certainly is THE #1 thing necessary to get to the point of great filmmaking.

How did he do it you ask? 
Well, he saw that at the end of a different shoot he would have a few extra hours plus access to minimal crew, a few actors, and an Alexa.

So what did he do? He wrote a short that same morning and shot it at the end of the day with the last few hours of light available!!


The piece ended up a Staff Pick on Vimeo and led to many other good things as well. And he credits this attitude, of not thinking too much and just getting out there and making something, to his entire approach of filmmaking and improving.

So lesson of the day is: Do not wait to make everything perfect before committing to a shoot, because then you do not get anything done in the end.

Just go out, make the most of every situation and get as many projects under your belt as possible.

Lets make some films like Danny!

Aviv Vana

P.S. Are you wondering why I was chatting with this Director? If you guessed that our next CineSummit will have a focus on Directing... you would be one smart puppy. Stay Tuned!!

P.P.S Here is another awesome Vimeo Staff Pick by Danny:


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