On the 6th anniversary of the "International Tigers Day", www.mintageworld.com launched a docudrama on the history of the various stamps, coins & notes launched to celebrate this national animal of India and many other countries

On the 6th anniversary of the “International Tigers Day”, www.mintageworld.com launched a docudrama on the history of the various stamps, coins & notes launched to celebrate this national animal of India and many other countries 29th July,2016,Mumbai : On 29th July 2010 “ International Tigers Day” was announced to celebrate this majestic animal and raise awareness to promote wild life tiger habitat protection & Conservation. This day was created at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit. The Tiger is a symbolic to many cultures and religions. It is also the national animal of India, Bangladesh, Malaysia and South Korea. They also appear on many flags, coats of arms, and as mascots for sporting teams in many countries. Many local Indian traditions often treat this majestic beast as its national status, symbolizing supreme power and dominance. Some of the Unique Coins, Stamps & Currency Notes launched globally to celebrate this royal animal and educate the people to conserve their natural habitat are as follows : Stamps : In January 1970, the Korea post issued “The Sun and the moon series” stamps, under the “Fable issues” series. These stamps feature the Korean folktale, of how the Sun and the Moon were formed, with the tiger being the main antagonist who sets out to hunt a peasant family living above the mountains. In the same series, the second stamp shows the tiger dressed as the mother, the third shows the scene of the children climbing the tree and the fourth stamp shows the pure hearted children ascending heaven with a strong rope and the tiger falling from the sky after catching the rotten rope. In 1974 and 1975, Indian Post service issued a “Panthera Tigris” stamp with a face value of 15 paisa . It shows a brown black image of the tiger, and was released as a part of the “Country Motif” series. In 1970 the Indian government has joined hands with various wildlife conservation organizations and launched a movement called “ Project Tiger” to prevent the dwindling numbers of this animal. To celebrate the 10 years completion of the project, a commemorative stamp was released in 1983 which features an image of the Bengal tiger. In 1982, the nation of Bhutan had issued a special stamps based on Disney's “Jungle Book”, which features “Sher Khan” in a candid scene with “Kaa”, the snake In 2010, India hosted the 19th Commonwealth Games and the mascot was known as “Shera” – The Royal Bengal Tiger .A special stamp was issued on 2008 depicting Shera in his white sporting jersey and blue shorts. The mascot embodies values that the Indian nation is proud of: majesty, courage, power and grace. In 2013 the Japanese government issued stamps featuring the Disney characters from “Winnie the pooh” aimed for promoting philatelic appreciation amongst children. Coins : In 1998, under the theme “Chinese Zodiac”, Singapore issued a 10 dollar coin to signify “The Year of the Tiger”.It shows a stylized tiger on its reverse. In 2008, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea issued a 20 won coin which features a colored hunting tiger on its reverse. Currency Notes : In 1957, Indonesia issued a 500 Rupiah bank note, which features the magnificent native Sumatran Tiger on the front. It is the only surviving member of the “Sunda Islands” group of tigers that also included the now extinct “Bali Tiger” and “Javan Tiger” species In the 1988 Olympics, South Korea issued a non circulation “5000 korean won” ( Currency Note ) , featuring the Tiger mascot of the game “Hodori” These Beautiful beasts are subjected to atrocious torture and poaching traps due to Man’s greed. The same folklore which glorifies this magnificent beast also brings its destruction. Tiger fur, skin, teeth and other parts of the body are prized possessions, often used to promote superstitious beliefs. On this day, do your maximum best to save our Heritage and Biodiversity. www.mintageworld.com : is the World’s 1st online museum for Vintage Coins, Stamps & Currency Notes, In the near future they will launch many docudramas based on global historical dates, events and personalities


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