#PicksAndPiquesJulyTheatre2018 #TheatreCriticJohnsonThomas #Opera #HarpAndSopranaConcert #AMusicalMarriage Rating: * * */5

#PicksAndPiquesJulyTheatre2018 #TheatreCriticJohnsonThomas #Opera #HarpAndSopranaConcert #AMusicalMarriage Rating: * * */5 #GioacchinoRossini #IsabellaColbran #MariannaGubri #MariaChiaraPizzoli As part of the brand new Opera Season in Mumbai envisioned by #AvidLearning supported by the #ItalianEmbassy and #TheRoyalOperaHouse and performed by artistes from the #GivingVoiceSociety, the Harp and Soprano musical marriage concert was a one of a kind rare event that gave the rapt audience a glimpse of what was to come in the coming weeks. With #MariannaGubri plying her unique magic with the Harp and #MariaChiaraPizzoli performing classical lyrical arias created by Rossini and Colbran, it was a night of learning that took the yearning for the experience of an Opera to new heights. Their exploration of the rich and beautiful selected works from the classical repertoire for soprano and Harp had an incandescent fusion that was mellifluous as well as interesting. Their carefully chosen repertoire in combination with their unique qualities, created an unusually intimate and alluring ensemble, taking the level of performance to a standard never experienced before in Mumbai. The magnificent performance by the two supremely gifted, talented and internationally awarded artistes had the enthralled audience totally mesmerised and I am sure that this musical curtain-raiser will win more enthusiasts and connoisseurs for the upcoming performance of the Opera #LaFedeltaPremlata.


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