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LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS TECHNICAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS Submissions are now open for the 2019 Technical Achievement Award! The Award is given for technology that is used by the camera operator, camera crew and on-set productions with added value given to technologies that increase the safety, efficiency and ease of production. The winner of the Award will be chosen at the SOC Lifetime Achievement Awards at the Loews Hollywood Hotel in January, 2019! If you have technology that you would like to enter for the 2019 Technical Achievement Awards, please visit the link below for more information. Click here for details and applications! SOC MEMBER NEWS ARRI Academy Interview w/ Art Adams ARRI Academy offers a wide range of training courses to help users of all abilities to gain hands-on knowledge of ARRI products and workflows and build their on-set confidence. We sat down with Art Adams, an experienced camera operator and DP, to talk about the upcoming ARRI Camera Classes. Q: Tell us about your background and why you decide to work with ARRI and become an Academy instructor? I’ve worked in the camera department for over 30 years—first as a loader/second camera assistant, then as a first assistant, operator, second unit DP and first unit DP. At this point most of my work has been in broadcast and web commercials and marketing, as well as visual effects, but I started out in features and episodic TV and also spent some time in broadcast television. I spent my first ten years in Southern California, and when I left I thought I’d never shoot film again. I had no idea that my years spent shooting video would pay off so well. When those worlds merged, I was better prepared than most. Click here to read the full interview... Camera Operator Magazine Spring Issue Articles with SOC 2018 Camera Operator of the Year - TV nominees; Brian Osmond, SOC in an interview with Derek Stettler called Mindhunter: Mindful Operating, and Ben Semanoff, SOC in his article Ozark: Say Yes--From Operator to Director. Derek also covered the 2018 SOC Lifetime Achievement Awards, and SOC Looks Forward is a special article featuring relevant topics in Q&A interviews with SOC women members; Bonnie Blake, SOC; Rachael Levine, SOC; Lisa Stacilauskas, SOC, and Gretchen Warthen, SCO. Our regular departments highlight the SOC 2018 Camera Operator of the Year - Film recipient for Baby Driver, Roberto De Angeles, SOC who recalls highlights of his career in Establishing Shot; and SOC 2018 Camera Operator of the Year - TV recipient for Stranger Things, Bob Gorelick, SOC who shares advice and experiences from his career, and from the set in Smooth Operator: Beyond the Fear. Read the Spring Issue SAVE THE DATE SOC Lifetime Achievement Awards January 26th, 2019 Loews Hollywood Hotel Hollywood, CA SOCawards.com Be sure to check the SOC Events Page for information and updates on all upcoming Events! Board of Governors Officers President George Billinger 1st Vice President Mitch Dubin 2nd Vice President Daniel Turrett Secretary Susan Campbell Treasurer Bill McClelland Sergeant-at-Arms Dan Gold Board of Governors Board Members George Billinger Bonnie Blake Susan Campbell Mitch Dubin David Emmerichs Eric Fletcher Michael Frediani Dan Gold Chris Haarhoff Bill McClelland David Sammons Lisa Stacilauskas Geoffrey Haley Dave Thompson Daniel Turrett New Members: Active Jesse Bactat, SOC Brad Crosbie, SOC Dawn Fleischman, SOC Michael-Ryan Fletchall, SOC Christopher Flores, SOC Ashley Hughes, SOC Noah Pankow, SOC Andre Perron, SOC Sharra Romany, SOC Jaron Tauch, SOC Drew Welker, SOC Associate Justin Berrios Kerry Clemens John Densmore Marius Lobont Alexandra Menapace Christopher Metcalf David Mun Daria Rountree Jan Ruona John Snedden Neil Watson Student Richard Colman Andrea Damuding Sam Gilbert Anna Vialova Educator Ron McPherson If you would like to be a sponsor or know someone that would like to be a member or corporate member, requirements and applications are online. Special Thanks to our Corporate Members Band Pro Logo ... [Message clipped] View entire message


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