#BigHero6 #HindiEnglish BollywoodFilmMovieReview #JohnsonThomas Rating: * * *

#BestFilms(Releases)This Week7thNov2014/#JohnsonThomas
#BigHero6 #HindiEnglish BollywoodFilmMovieReview #JohnsonThomas Rating: * * *


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#RangRasiya Rating: * * ½   Trivializing art history.An uneven patchwork quilt woven around an tragic-romance between an artist and his muse with some tradition bending murmurings as a paean  to modernity. Picks up steam in the second half but by then it’s already too late to completely engage. #NandanaSen & #RandeepHooda do manage to show off their earnestness to good effect though! #PENInternational #MAYAMovies #DeepaSahi #AnandMahendroo #KetanMehta #RandeepHooda #NandanaSen #PareshRawal #JayantilalGada #ParulGossain #VikramGokhale #DarshanJariwala

#TheShaukeens (Hindi) Rating: * * ½ not-so-seamless Cross pollination of a frugally appreciated age-old lascivious geriatric resuscitation (remake of 1982 classic comedy "Shaukeen") with a personally sponsored ego-trip. Neither hip nor happening with very little to laugh about. #AkshayKumar shows visible signs of performance betterment but the rest just ‘clown’ about!  #NilouferQuereshi #AkshayKumar #LisaHayden #RajeshSharma #AnupamKher #AnnuKapoor #AshwinVarde #MSLMedia #TigmanshuDhulia #AbhishekSharma

#ChaarSahibzaade(3D/Animation/ParulGossain): Rating: * * ½ Though the animation and 3D effects are not of a high standard, they have an amiable quality & the straightforward story telling about the four courageous legends  of Sikhism(Guru Govind Singh and his three brothers) lends a certain piety to the valorous depiction of their brave, valiant, fearless, heroic and gallant acts that have become legendary and proscribes the way of life that Sikhism promotes. #ParulGossain #HarryBaweja #HarmanBaweja #BawejaMoviesPvtLtd
#ADecentArrangement (English) Rating: * * ½ Taking a step backward in the ABCD (American born confused Desi) conceptualised encounter, this one is earnest and interesting enough but a little too light-weight to make the cut for a higher enchantment. #ShabanaAzmi is as always impeccable. #FaridCurrim #NeenaKulkarni #AndrewLaupus #AshwaniShukla #JaiViratraEntertainmenLimited #SarovarBanka #NavneetNisshan #VikramKapadia
#BestFilms(Releases)This Week7thNov2014/#JohnsonThomas

#Interstellar (Imax/English) Rating: * * *1/2 Mind-boggling Sci-fi experience that stuns you with it’s unimaginable futurism. #ChristopherNolan, past master in putting out a unique experience even in the most conventional of story ideas makes an impassioned plea for traversing out-of-the-box to clear up the scientific haze on Inter-galactic ‘life’ possibilities. This is indeed an Xperience worth beholding!  #WarnerBros #AnkitAgarwal #GeorgeJohn #MathewMcCannaughey #AnneHathaway #JessicaChastian #MichaelCaine #CaseyAfleck #JohnLithgow
#Nightcrawler (English) Rating: * * * ½  A low-budget(indie) chilling expose on the heartless stringer newshounds that permeate the sordid world of TV in LA. Hits the sweet spot in all departments.  This one is bound to shock you... It has #OSCAR contender written all over it. #DanGilroy #JakeGyllenhaal #BillPaxton  #ReneRusso #Riz Ahmed #PVRDirectorsRare #PriyankaVaswani #TOPEntertainment #HardlyAnonymous #ShiladityaBora #SaurabhRathore #SaileshPathak

#BigHero6 (3D/Animation?English) Rating: * * * beautiful images & fantastic animation combine to make this Marvel comic fable, one of exciting engagement. It’s predictable but funny and stimulating too and has an Asian superkid Hiro doing the honors(of vanquishing evil). It’s kiddie paradise if you ask me!#WaltDisneyPictures #DisneyUTV #SiddharthRoyKapoor #Don Hall #ChrisWilliams #RyanPotter #ScottAdsit #JamieChung #DamonWayansJr #SnehKulkarni

English film review
Johnson Thomas
Immensely lovable Hiro
Film:Big Hero 6
Director: Don HallChris Williams

Rating: * * *
Runtime: 108 mins

When a criminal plot threatens the hi-tech metropolis of San Fransokyo(SanFransisco and Tokyo envisaged combo), brilliant young robotics whiz Hiro Hamada (voice of Ryan Potter) leaps into action with his tech-savvy friends, and his robot companion Baymax (voice of Scott Adsit) in Disney Animation's adaptation of the popular Marvel Comics series

Ahhh! Yet another superhero flick with big ticket actors lending their voice and personas to their digital stand-ins. This one is as much an origin story for a whole new animation franchise with an (OMG) an Asian origin superhero! So what if he seems like a native Asian American called Hiro(Ryan Potter) – one of the 6 characters from an obscure comic book by Marvel, with Japanese manga appropriation. So we have yet another gang of unusual warriors who take on the notorious thugs and the bullies of  this world along with the misguided vengeance seeking scientists and CEO’s.

Right from the word go, there was an energy and amiable likeability to the animation and the action thereof. The story itself , though not very challenging, was interestingly told. Set in San Fransokyo – a sort of cross between San Francisco and Tokyo, where our 14 year old super intelligent  Hiro, who has already completed his high school diploma and is busy honing his digital combat skills winning back-alley robot fights with electronic toys of his own design.   A brush with the law persuades his older brother Tadashi(Daniel Henney) to bring him under wing- to check out his college robotics lab with thoughts of getting him to enrol. There he meets up with his future team of tech specialists. Speed junkie Go Go Tomago(Jamie Chung), Chem-whiz Honey Lemon(Genesis Rodriguez), neat freak Wasabi(Damon Wayans Jr.) and Fred(T J Miller). There’s no real doubt that Hiro would be a part of the lab team especially since his microbots project is such a hit and there are Electronics Czars just waiting to get their hands on his invention. But an accident at the lab snuffs out those dreams and now Hiro has to find a way to cope with the loss of his brother and Prof. Callahan(voiced by James Cromwell)both of whom perished on site.
The orphaned Hiro now holes himself up in the upstairs bedsit above his Aunt Cass(Maya Rudolph)’s cafe and finds a friend in Baymax, Tadashi’s health care invention. The 10 foot tall, all white, inflatable robot  is of course the most huggable part of this movie. Baymax is dedicated to easing pain of all sorts and certainly performs that function for a grieving Hiro. Hiro along with a souped-up Baymax and the four lab geeks form a crew of avengers. Their mission is to seek a mysterious Kabuki-mask-wearing baddie suspected of setting the inferno as well as stealing Hiro’s invention.
Co-directors Don Hall and Chris Williams borrow the character names and a few key details from their Marvel source, but by and large this has Disney written all over it. The appealing character personalities, energy spewing animation, positivity and a lot of  hugging. This one is truly hip and happening!
There’s also a six minute animation short as part of the bouquet. Titled ‘Feast’, the film is a montage of meals outlining the relationship between a Boston Terrier and his owner. It’s experimental, with a visual style different from what we’ve seen before and has a strong emotive magnetism that holds you in thrall. It’s probably worth the wait for a full-length animation feature from the Director Patrick Osborne.


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