#Interstellar #HindiEnglish Hollywood BollywoodFilmMovieReview #JohnsonThomas Rating: * * * 1/2

#Interstellar #HindiEnglish Hollywood BollywoodFilmMovieReview #JohnsonThomas  Rating: * * * 1/2

#Interstellar #HindiEnglish Hollywood BollywoodFilmMovieReview #JohnsonThomas  Rating: * * * 1/2

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#RangRasiya Rating: * * ½   Trivializing art history.An uneven patchwork quilt woven around an tragic-romance between an artist and his muse with some tradition bending murmurings as a paean  to modernity. Picks up steam in the second half but by then it’s already too late to completely engage. #NandanaSen & #RandeepHooda do manage to show off their earnestness to good effect though! #PENInternational #MAYAMovies #DeepaSahi #AnandMahendroo #KetanMehta #RandeepHooda #NandanaSen #PareshRawal #JayantilalGada #ParulGossain #VikramGokhale #DarshanJariwala

#TheShaukeens (Hindi) Rating: * * ½ not-so-seamless Cross pollination of a frugally appreciated age-old lascivious geriatric resuscitation (remake of 1982 classic comedy "Shaukeen") with a personally sponsored ego-trip. Neither hip nor happening with very little to laugh about. #AkshayKumar shows visible signs of performance betterment but the rest just ‘clown’ about!  #NilouferQuereshi #AkshayKumar #LisaHayden #RajeshSharma #AnupamKher #AnnuKapoor #AshwinVarde #MSLMedia #TigmanshuDhulia #AbhishekSharma

#ChaarSahibzaade(3D/Animation/ParulGossain): Rating: * * ½ Though the animation and 3D effects are not of a high standard, they have an amiable quality & the straightforward story telling about the four courageous legends  of Sikhism(Guru Govind Singh and his three brothers) lends a certain piety to the valorous depiction of their brave, valiant, fearless, heroic and gallant acts that have become legendary and proscribes the way of life that Sikhism promotes. #ParulGossain #HarryBaweja #HarmanBaweja #BawejaMoviesPvtLtd

#ADecentArrangement (English) Rating: * * ½ Taking a step backward in the ABCD (American born confused Desi) conceptualised encounter, this one is earnest and interesting enough but a little too light-weight to make the cut for a higher enchantment. #ShabanaAzmi is as always impeccable. #FaridCurrim #NeenaKulkarni #AndrewLaupus #AshwaniShukla #JaiViratraEntertainmenLimited #SarovarBanka #NavneetNisshan #VikramKapadia

#BestFilms(Releases)This Week7thNov2014/#JohnsonThomas

#Interstellar (Imax/English) Rating: * * *1/2 Mind-boggling Sci-fi experience that stuns you with it’s unimaginable futurism. #ChristopherNolan, past master in putting out a unique experience even in the most conventional of story ideas makes an impassioned plea for traversing out-of-the-box to clear up the scientific haze on Inter-galactic ‘life’ possibilities. This is indeed an Xperience worth beholding!  #WarnerBros #AnkitAgarwal #GeorgeJohn #MathewMcCannaughey #AnneHathaway #JessicaChastian #MichaelCaine #CaseyAfleck #JohnLithgow

#Nightcrawler (English) Rating: * * * ½  A low-budget(indie) chilling expose on the heartless stringer newshounds that permeate the sordid world of TV in LA. Hits the sweet spot in all departments.  This one is bound to shock you... It has #OSCAR contender written all over it. #DanGilroy #JakeGyllenhaal #BillPaxton  #ReneRusso #Riz Ahmed #PVRDirectorsRare #PriyankaVaswani #TOPEntertainment #HardlyAnonymous #ShiladityaBora #SaurabhRathore #SaileshPathak

#BigHero6 (3D/Animation/English) Rating: * * * beautiful images & fantastic animation combine to make this Marvel comic fable, one of exciting engagement. It’s predictable but funny and stimulating too and has an Asian superkid Hiro doing the honors(of vanquishing evil). It’s kiddie paradise if you ask me!#WaltDisneyPictures #DisneyUTV #SiddharthRoyKapoor #Don Hall #ChrisWilliams #RyanPotter #ScottAdsit #JamieChung #DamonWayansJr #SnehKulkarni

English Film Review
Johnson Thomas
Reaching beyond the Skies!
Film: Interstellar

Director: Christopher Nolan

Rating: * * * ½

Running Time: 169 min.

Synopsis:Christopher Nolan directs his brother Jonathan's script for this sci-fi film surrounding inter-dimensional travel based on the theories of physicist Kip Thorne. Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway star
The science may be questioned by many but there are a few who might just believe in this one-showcasing as it does Physicist  Kip Thorne’ s theory on traversable warm holes through space and time. The reputed and respected  scientist was also consultant on the movie and worked closely with Nolan, setting ground rules on what was acceptable and in conjunction with the laws of physics. So Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’ is not entirely a product of his fervent imagination as some critics would like to believe. 
As is wont for new age science fiction cinema, the doomsday rhetoric is what drives the search for new homes for the human race to survive. What ‘Interstellar’ does is send it’s sacrificial  astronauts to the other end of the galaxy to find a new home to replace humanity’s despoiled home.
It’s a dramatic film in terms of sound and technology. There’s movement throughout and the vistas envisaged by Nolan are stunningly magnificent –even if a bit minimalistic. Shot in 35 mm and 65 mm, the compositions are achingly spare and the concentration is on the very human angle of father-daughter bonding that lasts right through the many years of estrangement over time and space.
It’s a highly impressive narrative that blinds you with it’s visual majesty and allows you precious little room to think or object to the science in question. There’s heavy emotion and strong unimaginable adventure on display here.
MatthewMcConaughey’s widowed astronaut Cooper and his colleague Amelia Brand (Anne Hathaway are on the crew of the Endurance, the starship sent to a black hole near Jupiter that  is expected to ferret out a colonize-able world from among the many galaxies. They basically sacrificial lambs sent out with no expectation of returning back to everything that defines them: their loved ones, their personal histories, their culture, the planet itself.  Amelia's father, an astrophysicist played by Michael Caine, is the secret NASA team looking into life options beyond Earth and he has already sent out several space explorers to different corners of the galaxy in that pursuit. They are expected to be alive and awaiting the Endurance team. Unfortunately only one space explorer (Matt Damon) who’s holed up on a forbidding arctic world, survives but has so lost his mind that he hijacks the space ship in order to get himself off the lonely planet.
 Before embarking on the explorative Endurance journey, Cooper has seen the Earth turned over by dust and his family at risk for survival so obviously the options were few.

 The state-of-the-art sci-fi landscapes  and the movie's science fiction trappings are just a wrapping for  an assay into  basic human desires  and the endured separation as spectacular metaphors for what happens.
The movie's storytelling masterstroke comes from the relative perceptions of time as  perceived by the astronauts  and their relative positions in the intergalactic spatial texture of the narrative. Time is in fact the most intriguing aspect of this film. "I'm an old physicist," Brand tells Cooper early in the film. "I'm a friend of time." But time is not a friend to anyone in the film.
“Interstellar,” written by brothers Christopher and Jonathan Nolan, is technically superb, high on emotions and maybe even  difficult to comprehend if you’re not conversant in real-life physics. But that only adds substance to it’s enigmatic power and mystery.
Like “Gravity” ,  “Interstellar” is also ultimately about the longing for family, about adventurous voyages into the unknown that eventually become a saga of reunions. It presents a viable future in which space travel, while possible, is dangerous and uncertain. It’s impressive, daunting and above all an Experience worth enduring in the multiplexes.


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