#NightCrawler #HindiBollywoodFilmMovieReview #JohnsonThomas Rating: * * * 1/2

#NightCrawler #HindiBollywoodFilmMovieReview #JohnsonThomas Rating: * * * 1/2

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#RangRasiya Rating: * * ½   Trivializing art history.An uneven patchwork quilt woven around an tragic-romance between an artist and his muse with some tradition bending murmurings as a paean  to modernity. Picks up steam in the second half but by then it’s already too late to completely engage. #NandanaSen & #RandeepHooda do manage to show off their earnestness to good effect though! #PENInternational #MAYAMovies #DeepaSahi #AnandMahendroo #KetanMehta #RandeepHooda #NandanaSen #PareshRawal #JayantilalGada #ParulGossain #VikramGokhale #DarshanJariwala

#TheShaukeens (Hindi) Rating: * * ½ not-so-seamless Cross pollination of a frugally appreciated age-old lascivious geriatric resuscitation (remake of 1982 classic comedy "Shaukeen") with a personally sponsored ego-trip. Neither hip nor happening with very little to laugh about. #AkshayKumar shows visible signs of performance betterment but the rest just ‘clown’ about!  #NilouferQuereshi #AkshayKumar #LisaHayden #RajeshSharma #AnupamKher #AnnuKapoor #AshwinVarde #MSLMedia #TigmanshuDhulia #AbhishekSharma

#ChaarSahibzaade(3D/Animation/ParulGossain): Rating: * * ½ Though the animation and 3D effects are not of a high standard, they have an amiable quality & the straightforward story telling about the four courageous legends  of Sikhism(Guru Govind Singh and his three brothers) lends a certain piety to the valorous depiction of their brave, valiant, fearless, heroic and gallant acts that have become legendary and proscribes the way of life that Sikhism promotes. #ParulGossain #HarryBaweja #HarmanBaweja #BawejaMoviesPvtLtd
#ADecentArrangement (English) Rating: * * ½ Taking a step backward in the ABCD (American born confused Desi) conceptualised encounter, this one is earnest and interesting enough but a little too light-weight to make the cut for a higher enchantment. #ShabanaAzmi is as always impeccable. #FaridCurrim #NeenaKulkarni #AndrewLaupus #AshwaniShukla #JaiViratraEntertainmenLimited #SarovarBanka #NavneetNisshan #VikramKapadia

#BestFilms(Releases)This Week7thNov2014/#JohnsonThomas

#Interstellar (Imax/English) Rating: * * *1/2 Mind-boggling Sci-fi experience that stuns you with it’s unimaginable futurism. #ChristopherNolan, past master in putting out a unique experience even in the most conventional of story ideas makes an impassioned plea for traversing out-of-the-box to clear up the scientific haze on Inter-galactic ‘life’ possibilities. This is indeed an Xperience worth beholding!  #WarnerBros #AnkitAgarwal #GeorgeJohn #MathewMcCannaughey #AnneHathaway #JessicaChastian #MichaelCaine #CaseyAfleck #JohnLithgow

#Nightcrawler (English) Rating: * * * ½  A low-budget(indie) chilling expose on the heartless stringer newshounds that permeate the sordid world of TV in LA. Hits the sweet spot in all departments.  This one is bound to shock you... It has #OSCAR contender written all over it. #DanGilroy #JakeGyllenhaal #BillPaxton  #ReneRusso #Riz Ahmed #PVRDirectorsRare #PriyankaVaswani #TOPEntertainment #HardlyAnonymous #ShiladityaBora #SaurabhRathore #SaileshPathak
English Film Review
Johnson Thomas

Chilling Pursuit

Film: Nightcrawler
Director: Dan Gilroy

Rating: * * * ½

Runtime: 117 mins
Synopsis:An ambitious young crime journalist probes the dark underbelly of L.A. in this cynical urban drama that marks the feature directorial debut of screenwriter Dan Gilroy (Real Steal, The Bourne Legacy).

Lou Bloom (Jake Gyllenhall) is a petty thief in search of a payday when he stumbles onto the scene of a grisly car accident, and witnesses seasoned "Nightcrawler" Joe Loder (Bill Paxton) gathering video footage for the local news broadcast. It’s an Eureka moment for him and he feels his life could charge into top gear with this new discovery of how to make money.
Ruthless to a fault, Lou is in the game selling TV footage to a local channel that wants more blood and gore(suggestive), something more dramatic to drive up it’s TRP’s. And Joe’s footage is not really up their wall anymore.  So Lou it is, once he manages to convince Nina(Rene Rousso) that he can do it best. To scale up his operation, Lou buys himself a Police scanner and a cheap video camera and also hires a homeless youth Rick(Riz Ahmed) to assist him in navigating to the crime spot.
Combined with the drama of Lou hitting on Nina and trying to keep his assistant low-paid and grateful, is the story of Lou’s arrival at a crime scene much before the 911 crew can get there. It’s a deadly home invasion in an affluent neighborhood that also happens to be the scene of huge drug haul. Having seen the footage on TV , two detectives get on Lou’s heels in an attempt to figure out if he was hedging regarding further  evidence. Lou though is a past master and plays the game close to his chest. He follows the culprits and waits till an opportunity arises before calling the police. What happens next is the shocker!

Rene Rousso as Nina Romina has lost her idealism and sticks to getting the best she can out of those who contact her. She is frank and canny with Lou telling him to get out there and capture the scene with a larger focus on hysterics and gore. And to do it in the affluent neighborhoods rather than the poor non-white ones. Lou and his suitably subjugated assistant scout crime scenes without any sentiment or empathy hampering their moves. They breach barriers put up by the cops, stick their cameras into faces of victims and even goose up scenarios in an effort to make it look that much more attractive on the TV screens. It’s revolting of course but not something new to behold. Lou is a sick person. He may be personable enough but right from the first frame you know that this man is cold blooded and only cares about his own survival. This story basically is trying to point out that the so called personable person you see may not be everything he presents himself to be. It’s like a warning label- there’s more to him than his presentable appearance. The film with it’s modest budget manages to be much more effective than the mainstream biggies. It’s smoothly executed and does the job with strong atmospheric thrills and clammy suspense.  It’s not a ‘Taxi  Driver’ by any yardstick but manages to keep it’s urban chic just as purposefully. Lou a.k.a Louis Bloom moves up the ladder from a metal scavenger to a much more profitable métier-that of a scavenger of human suffering. And that’s the point this film is trying to make. The depth of the holes he digs for himself is deep enough to be shocking.  

Gyllenhaal lives the role with startling emancipation and gel slicked cold heartedness. It’s not as nuanced a performances as his own in ‘End of Watch’ but it’s good nevertheless. Riz Ahmed is suitably impressive as his vulnerable yet cocky foil. Rene Russo performance is sharp and centered bringing the character’s disillusion and distention to strong repose. This is a film that could well become the dark horse in the run-up to the Oscars.


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