#Alone, #HindiBollywoodFilmMovieReview #JohnsonThomas Rating: * *

#Alone, #HindiBollywoodFilmMovieReview #JohnsonThomas Rating: * *

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#I(Hindi) Rating: * * An outrageous mish-mash of several fantasy classics with some punctuating ballads, a weird love story, dysfunctional agendas and impossible fight choreography. Flamboyant but imminently resistable.The film regurgitates all of Shankar’s tropes and spits out an experience that is far more outlandish than connected. Not a very happy experience this!
#ParagDesai #UniversalCommunications #Vikram #AmyJackson #Shankar #AascarFilmPvtLtd
#Alone(Hindi) Rating: * * #BhushanPatel tries hard to get his horror act together but fails to impress with this choppy, resuscitation of an original Thai chiller from the makers of ‘Shutter.’ #BhushanPatel #VikramBhatt #BipashaBasu #ParagDesai #UniversalCommunications #PanoramaStudios #KumarMangat

#CrazyKukkadFamily(Hindi) Rating: * * ½ a few laughs don’t add up to the tag of a comedy. This one is far more exasperating than enjoyable. More idiosyncratic than funny with a loads of nonsense and little else.  It’s also very much predictable – so a not so very  happening experience. #ImagesmithsPR #SanchitaTrivedi #SwanandKirkire #ShilpaShukla #NinadKamath #KushalPunjabi #RiteshMenon #PrakashJhaProductions
#SharafatGayiTelLene(Hindi) Rating: * * ½ A convoluted scam story about a straightforward naive geek finding his account credited with an unheard of sum of money. Then comes the call from #Dawood and he can do little but comply. The treatment doesn’t allow for either thrills or comedy so we have to make do with drama which starts getting shaky when the great reveal begins.  #RaindropMedia #ZayedKhan #SonyPictures #RanvijaySingh #TrinityGroup
#TheTheoryOfEverything(English) Rating: * * * *  As biopic’s this one is based on the Stephen Hawking’s initial breakthrough years of discovery while battling illness and trying to keep his love and family afloat. The point of view is that of his first wife whose memoirs are the basis for the script. The astonishing part is #EddieRedmayne’s stunning performance that gets the details of the horrible progress of illness astonishingly right. #FelicityJones as Jane, his first wife, makes a brilliant counterpoint in this highly evocative drama #MoesArt #SarjitaJain
#TheImitationGame(English) Rating:* * * * this biopic of eccentric British master code breaker Alan Turing is multi-layered and deeper than first imagined. It’s both thought-provoking and entertaining with moments of thrills, triumph, and sadness. Turing was credited with the feat much later in life. So One wrong gets righted while his rights get wronged(Chemically castrated for his homosexuality) #BenedictCumberbatch makes Turing come alive in all his complexities. It’s a potentially award winning turn.#PVRPictures #PriyankaVaswani #HardlyAnonymousPR

#AmericanSniper(English) Rating: * * * It’s a wonder that #ClintEastwood directed this propaganda film based on a true story about #ChrisKyle the most celebrated sniper in American history. Interesting,a little ponderous and very much blindingly patriotically American in it’s outlook. Not as exacting or involving as ‘The Hurt locker’ or ‘Enemy At The Gates’. #BradleyCooper gets buffed-up and does a decent enough take on Kyle. #ClintEastwood #BradleyCooper #WarnerBros #AnkitAgarwal
·         #Paddington(English/LiveActionAnimation) Rating: * * *  Children's favorite Paddington Bear gets the big-screen treatment in this fun family film adapted from Michael Bond's book series. Irresistibly charming  #WarnerBros #HughBonneville #SallyHawkins #NicoleKidman #PaulKing
 Hindi Film review
Johnson Thomas

Better left Alone?

Film: Alone
Cast: Bipasha Basu, Karan Singh Grover, Zakir Hussain
Director: Bhushan Patel

Rating: * *    
‘Alone’ is borrowed from the 2007 Thai film of the same name and has almost the same storyline but of course with some very Bollywoodian romance incorporated to make it a romantic horror film. Bhushan Patel in fact tries to romanticize the entire aspect of the departed conjoined twin, Sanjana,  who turns up as a ghost, enters the live one’s body and tries to steal away the coveted? husband. Or does she really want that? Well, what use would a live man be to a dead woman you may well ask..?
Never mind that. After the husband Kabir(Karan Singh Grover) and wife return to the wife’s ancestral home in Kerala after her mother suffers from a stroke. Once there, the wife Anjana(Bipasha) starts experiencing strange phenomenon. The husband of course disbelieves and takes her to a psychiatrist who advices plenty of seduction, romantic duets and time spent in each other’s embraces- which the couple are only too glad to indulge in. What a cure, I say! Well unfortunately that’s just not enough to drive away the evil conjoined twin imaginings. So then it’s left to the husband’s bulging biceps to turn protector of the ‘wifey’ in  distress. 

You guessed it. As with all Vikram Bhatt films , bodies are flung around, mumbo-jumbo gets resorted to and songs addle the potency of the entertainment. Bipasha and Karan do nothing much more than look good and turn on the steam with their seductive craft. The writing is stupid and extremely laughable. The sequences lack scares –they in fact provide more un-intentioned laughter than intentioned scares. Looks like being left ‘Alone’ is not so much of a scary thing as much as   the financial debacle it could well herald!


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