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#Mortdecai #EnglishHollywoodFilmMovieReview #JohnsonThomas #Rating: * *

#Mortdecai #EnglishHollywoodFilmMovieReview #JohnsonThomas #Rating: * *

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#Baby (Hindi) Rating: * * 1/2 A long-drawn procedural without the requisite action or thrills. Too verbose and extended for complete satisfaction. Forced patriotic fervor without visual connect is like a hollow promise. Over dependence on hyper-ventilating music also makes it quite unworthy. #NeerajPandey’s laziest take on special Ops personnel who supposedly protect the country’s interests while sacrificing their own personal ones. Very juvenile in it’s entreaty so the moniker ‘Baby’ is quite apt! #GulshanKumar #TSeries #CrouchingTiger #FridayFilmworks #AkshayKumar #NeerajPandey #BhushanKumar #KrishanKumar #CapeOfGoodFilms #ShitalBhatia #ParagDesai #UniversalCommunications #Madhurima #TaapseePannu #AnupamKher #RanaDaggubati #DannyDenzongpa #KayKayMenon #MikaalZulfikar #SushantSingh #RasheedNaz

#DollyKiDoli (Hindi) Rating: * * It’s short(100 mins)but not sweet. Unoriginal story(plotline similar to Shuddh Desi Romance, LadiesVsRickyBahl, Daavat-e-Ishq), low-key, unexciting narration, tedious song and dance, an uninspired #SonamKapoor, a preening #PulkitSamrat take away from the distinctive contributions of #RajkumarRao and #VarunSharma. Too ‘Fukrey’ and uninteresting to be enjoyable!  #KinesisFilms #ArbaazKhanProductions #SalmanKhan #SaifAliKhanPataudi #AbhishekDogra #SonamKapoor #ParagDesai #UniversalCommunications

#Mortdecai(English) Rating: * * Well, Big stars don’t always make a film good. #Mortdecai proves that beyond doubt. A tedious rambling of undecipherable verbosity, accompanied by pithily few laugh turns, this attempted comedy adapted from the book, has little grace and no purchase. Too exasperating to sit through. #KinesisFilms #Lionsgate #OddlotEntertainment #JohnnyDepp #GwenethPaltrow #PaulBettany #JeffGoldblum #OliviaMunn #EwanMcGregor and Director #DavidKoepp are unable to create an amiable bandwidth for enjoyment.    #LoudspeakerPR #KinesisFilms

English film review
Johnson Thomas

Unbecoming Stalemates!

Film: Mortdecai
Director:David Koepp

Rating: * *

Runtime: 108 mins

An action comedy starring Johnny Depp as Charles Mortdecai, a roguish art dealer in search of a stolen painting that could hold the code to a forgotten Nazi bank account that's rife with riches.

Desperately seeking a legitimate outlet for his quirkiness, Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp attempts yet another indecipherably verbose buffaloing around performance. And it’s really not a sight for sore eyes. After ‘Alice in Wonderland’ in which he seemed totally out of sorts, here comes yet another blasé attempt to con the masses. 

David Koepp’s film is based on the Charlie Mortdecai comic novels by Kyril Bonfiglioli. It’s neither a funny nor interesting take and presents Mortdecai as a psychotic, overly affected aristocrat who is forced by Inspector Alistair(EwanMcGregor) to run around England and California on the trail of Van Gogh’s missing painting. He is always accompanied by his protector and man Friday, Jock Strapp(Paul Bettany). Performance wise  everyone appears to be less than up to scratch and that includes Depp, Bettany, Paltrow, McGregor, Goldblum, Munn and the other marquee names that populate this psychotic art-heist romp.  
Mortdecai has star names and ingredients that could well have created classic farce , but the sheer lack of jokes is daunting. Screenwriter Eric Aronson’s thin script makes everything and everyone look clumsy and uninteresting. Slapstick is stupid and extremely pointless. The humor is distinctively remiss. The film tries to distinguish itself by amassing superficial similarities to the Wes Anderson’s Oscar nominated entrée ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ which Depp was once reported to do. this one is poor compensation, of course! Depp’s Mortdecai is eccentric, vain, self-obsessed and possessive about his wife Johanna(Gwyneth Paltrow). There’s not much going on between them other than posturing. Alistair is also Johanna’s suitor and he tries to get Mortdecai out of the picture while he enjoys some quality time with Johanna
The pace is middling, the animated connections between cities look good but the overall experience is less than satisfying. Director David Koepp (Ghost TownPremium Rush, Secret Window) aims for upbeat but ends up lackluster largely. The treatment tries hard to achieve breezy but the lack of depth and excitement becomes too belittling!

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