#NightAtTheMuseum3SecretOfTheTomb #EnglishHollywoodFilmMovieRevies #JohnsonThomas Rating:* * 1/2

#NightAtTheMuseum3SecretOfTheTomb #EnglishHollywoodFilmMovieRevies #JohnsonThomas Rating:* * 1/2 
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#Best #Ugly(Hindi) Rating: * * * A sort of ‘Mardani’ through a much more convoluted warp-edged male gaze. It’s more about intra-relationship politics than about the issue of child-trafficking. A familial dystopia that is interesting but it does not exactly make you revisit the animal inside you mainly because the characters in the interplay are all a little too conveniently involved with each other- and therefore doesn’t exactly ring true entirely. Edgy treatment and sharply rendered performances make it somewhat worthwhile though. #AnuragKashyap #VikramadityaMotvane #VikasBahl #RahulBhatt #RonitRoy #DarMotionPictures #PhantomProductions #SpicePR
#Best #RomeoAndJuliet(English/LiveTheatreOnFilm) Rating: * * *
#RomeoAndJuliet(English/LiveTheatreOnFilm) Rating: * * * Helmed by David Leveaux, the gritty, contemporary staging of Romeo and Juliet, staged on Broadway, has been brought to you on film by Emmy award winning Don Roy King, distributed by PVRLive in India.The highlight is of course the inter-racial pairing of Hollywood heartthrob Orlando Bloom essaying Romeo opposite Condola Rashad as Juliet. It’s Shakespeare alright but not all quite there either! .#OrlandoBloom #PVRLive #DavidLeveaux #CondolaRashad#AvianMedia #SaniyaTendulkar #NetheerlanderTheatre #Screenvision #BroadwayHD #DonRoyKing #OrlandoBloom #PVRLive #AvianMedia #SaniyaTendulkar #NetheerlanderTheatre #

#NightAtTheMuseum3SecretofTheTomb(English) Rating: * * ½  A franchise that appears to have overstayed it’s welcome, this 3rd episode doesn’t try too hard to either be funny or exciting. At best it’s faintly amusing and has some interesting moments.The addition of well known comedians to accompany #BenStiller in his buffoonery only makes it an under achiever of sorts! #FoxStar #ParagDesai #UniversalCommunications #RobinWilliams#MickeyRooney #OwenWilson #RebelWilson #DickVanDyke #BenKingsley#SteveCoogan #RamiMalek #FoxStar #ParagDesai #UniversalCommunications
English film review
Johnson Thomas

Film: Night at the Museum 3: Secret of The tomb

Cast: Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Dab Stevens, Rebel Wilson , Ricky Gervais, Owen Wilson, Ben Kingsley
Director: Shawn levy

Rating: * * ½

A top-line of Hollywood’s ace comedians doesn’t a great movie make. And there’s certainly plenty of proof in this pudding, on that. certainly no one expects a ‘night at the Museum’ to be thought-provoking or heavy on the dramatics but you wouldn’t be wrong in wanting it to be at least funny enough to keep you interested. Unfortunately, even with the star turns( and not their best work for sure), this is one feeble weak-kneed exercise at comedy.
A tired faux-“Indiana Jones” style prologue with a little back story on the ancient Egyptian tablet with the magic to bring all the historical exhibits to life after the sun goes down. The tablet appears to have gone beserk causing all the exhibits to intermittently run rampant. So the Museum Director(Ricky Gervais) loses his job while the guard-turned-keeper-of-the-museum’s-secrets(Ben Stiller) has to head across the pond where, where a personage housed in the British Museum may be able to reverse the rot. And so the familiar folk from the first two films, including an incontinent Capuchin monkey, a mugging Attila The Hun, Coogan and Wilson’s tag-team pompous Roman and  cowhand, both in miniature, and many more, get to rub elbows with a Sir Lancelot ( confused) and an Egyptian semi-deity played by Kingsley. While Stiller has to distract his British counterpart, a chatty night guard played by the voluble Wilson.

The favorite holdovers from No. 1 and No. 2 are all there: President Theodore Roosevelt (Robin Williams), lovely Native American guide Sacajawea (Mizuo Peck) , Cardboard villains Dick Van Dyke and Mickey Rooney, while Patrick Gallagher reprises his kinder, gentler Attila the Hun. The plot remains basically the same. This contrived magic is expected to end soon and that means visitors will go back to being bored at museums. So to prevent that from happening, Stiller and crew travel to London’s British Museum. Ben Kingsley and Dick Van Dyke, Rebel Wilson and Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens, Mickey Rooney and that monkey, each take their turns passing through the action and battling threats. 
 Characters engage in the nonsense they are now famous for. There’s really nothing special, but it's not obnoxious ar off-putting and that’s saying a lot. Its snazzy production values appropriate  a seamlessness digital/not-digital visual experience. there are no anxious moments to worry about nor is there anything frighteningin the telling. It’s all mild and easy going. There are subplots about fathers and sons, doppelgangers adding to the wildness and some social messaging that appears a little too innocuous to be creditable. The funniest bit though comes when the monkey does his bit with Stiller. So you can well imagine the kind of entertainment this is..!


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