#Taken3 #HollywoodEnglishFilmMovieReview #JohnsonThomas #Rating: * * 1/2

#Taken3 #HollywoodEnglishFilmMovieReview #JohnsonThomas #Rating: * * 1/2

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#Tevar (Hindi) Rating: * * ½  Remake of Mahesh Babu’s Telugu hit ‘Okkadu’ This retread has attitude but the intent and content are suspect. Good hearted badmaash hero pitted against a psychotically obsessed villain- makes for indulgent audience pleasing histrionics but… it’s all old hat and tedium inducing after a point. #ManojBajpayee & #RajBabbar elevate it to fairly worthwhile with their sterling performances. #BoneyKapoor #SanjayKapoor #ArjunKapoor #SonakshiSinha #AmitSharma #RajBabbar
#LUVPhirKabhi(Hindi) Rating: * Another young love story without the requisites for attachment. Poor returns for the price of a ticket. #AjayYadav #VikasSharma #KuwarGajendraSingh  #PuneetKhare 
#BigEyes(English) Rating: * * * A biopic in a different style. Not quite the real thing. Tone&treatment don’t do justice to the real story.It’s enjoyable nevertheless.   #AmyAdams #WalterKeane #B4U #RelativityMedia #TimBurton #ChristophWaltz #KrystenRittner
#Taken3 (English) Rating: * * ½ It’s the last of #LucBesson’s action trilogy starring #LiamNeeson directed by #OliverMegaton. Doesn’t have the same attraction or muster enough energy for a thrilling experience. Just chugs along ineffectively staying on course for a feeble conclusion story. #ParagDesai #UniversalCommunications #FoxStar
#NamesUnknown(Per Ariyathavar/Malayalam) Rating: * * * *
Topical and hard-hitting. Painfully lucid, touchingly humane encounters with the truth about exploitation of the poor through inhumane laws favoring the rich- in the name of development. #DrBiju #SurajVenjaramoodu #NedumudiVenu #Indrans #PVRDirectorsRare #MoesArt #SarjitaJain #SaurabhRathore

English Film review
Johnson Thomas

The last stand-off, hopefully!

Film: Taken 3         

Cast: Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen, Forrest Whitaker, Dougray Scott
Director: Oliver Megaton

Rating: * *

Luc Besson’s successful franchise top-lining Liam Neeson as the troubled ex-covert operative  striving to keep his family safe began with great gusto but ends(hopefully) with a whimper!
This third, in the franchise series, falls back on the wife and daughter at risk story, conveniently bumping off the wife just when Bryan Mills(Neeson) is striving for a reconciliation. He of course gets framed for that murder and consumed by rage, goes on the run to ferret out the culprits. pursued by the CIA, FBI and the police, Mills has to not only save his own skin but also that of his daughter while wreaking vengeance on those who cut short his second chance at possible matrimony.  

This edition, in order to be different, of course refrains from having his daughter kidnapped. Instead it plays shadowy games with an on-the-run Mills and issues perceived threats in order to get him into super-hero mode. There’s not as much action here. The chases are just about ok. While the first film was set in Paris, the second in Istanbul , this one-the third has Los Angeles in it’s ambit. but the destruction an damage to the city is pretty much minimal given what came before.  A few flare-ups, some damaged cars and bullet flurries make it all seem just a little too feeble for a justifiably expected all-out actioner. The treatment is a little too mellowed and resigned to it’s ubiquitous end. As a result the interest level is fleeting. There’s really nothing to keep you glued here. The dark shaded cinematography and Neeson’s ponderous angst can only be taken in brief spells. This one is a little too monotonous and unexciting to be effective enough as a thriller!


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