#Paddington #HollywoodEnglishFilmMovieReview #JohnsonThomas #Rating:* * *

#Paddington #HollywoodEnglishFilmMovieReview #JohnsonThomas #Rating:* * *
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#TheTheoryOfEverything(English) Rating: * * * *  As biopic’s this one is based on the Stephen Hawking’s initial breakthrough years of discovery while battling illness and trying to keep his love and family afloat. The point of view is that of his first wife whose memoirs are the basis for the script. The astonishing part is #EddieRedmayne’s stunning performance that gets the details of the horrible progress of illness astonishingly right. #FelicityJones as Jane, his first wife, makes a brilliant counterpoint in this highly evocative drama #MoesArt #SarjitaJain
#TheImitationGame(English) Rating:* * * * this biopic of eccentric British master code breaker Alan Turing is multi-layered and deeper than first imagined. It’s both thought-provoking and entertaining with moments of thrills, triumph, and sadness. Turing was credited with the feat much later in life. So One wrong gets righted while his rights get wronged(Chemically castrated for his homosexuality) #BenedictCumberbatch makes Turing come alive in all his complexities. It’s a potentially award winning turn.#PVRPictures #PriyankaVaswani #HardlyAnonymousPR

#AmericanSniper(English) Rating: * * * It’s a wonder that #ClintEastwood directed this propaganda film based on a true story about #ChrisKyle the most celebrated sniper in American history. Interesting,a little ponderous and very much blindingly patriotically American in it’s outlook. Not as exacting or involving as ‘The Hurt locker’ or ‘Enemy At The Gates’. #BradleyCooper gets buffed-up and does a decent enough take on Kyle. #ClintEastwood #BradleyCooper #WarnerBros #AnkitAgarwal
·         #Paddington(English/LiveActionAnimation) Rating: * * *  Children's favorite Paddington Bear gets the big-screen treatment in this fun family film adapted from Michael Bond's book series. Irresistibly charming  #WarnerBros #HughBonneville #SallyHawkins #NicoleKidman #PaulKing

 English Film review
Johnson Thomas

A fun family excursion!

Film: Paddington
Cast: Jim Boradbent, Peter Capaldi, Ben Wishaw, Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Nicole Kidman, Julie Walters
Director: Paul King
Rating:  * * *
Runtime:95 mins
Children's favorite Paddington Bear gets the big-screen treatment thanks to Warner Bros. Pictures in this family film adapted from Michael Bond's book series

A contemporary retro-period setting, an extended narrative add-on arc  and a balanced narrative incorporating the spirit of the narrative from the original books make it a charming entreatment

The ursine orphan, Paddington (voiced by Ben Wishaw)leaves his home in darkest Peru and comes to London in the hope of a welcome. That’s what an explorer had once promised his aunt and uncle. Unfortunately for him the stiff upper-lip doesn’t show him much consideration. It takes a family returning from a holiday, the wife(Sally Hawkins), especially, to feel some sympathy and give him a bed for the night.

But Paddington is a fish out-of-water and ends-up messing up the home, quite unwittingly. So you get the full treatment of impromptu ‘Home Alone’ antics minus the planning.  And it’s quite hilarious what he gets up to!
Michael Bond’s lovable creation is revered by many a young one. His books are bestsellers and there’s been quite a few attempts to put him out there on TV and cinemas. Most of them have been middling to indifferent experiences. This one though is distinguished by it’s charming narrative. The atmosphere is playful. Even though the man of the house(Hugh Bonneville) is grumpy and overly protective of his family, he never comes off as evil. Machiavelli is represented by Nicole Kidman’s character. She is the determined daughter of the now deceased explorer and she craves the Ursine’s hide as a class exhibit for her museum. She’s a sort of Cruella De Ville looking to snuff out Paddington just so she can have him as a distinguished trophy. The CGI is beautifully done. Paddington looks loveable and cuddly and is designed to endear. 


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