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Rating: *  * 

Samrat & Co(Hindi) Rating: *  * A wannabe Sherlock Holmes(with due credit) tries hard to ham his way to the murder suspects but without the myth to support it , it’s just a whole lot of tiresome  hokey!

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Hindi Film review
Johnson Thomas
Clueless Detective scramble
Film: Samrat & Co
Cast: Rajeev Khandelwal, Rajneesh Duggal,Girish Karnad,
Director:  Kaushik Ghatak
Rating: *  *
Having plumped-up the Rajshri fortunes with successful TV shows, Kaushik Ghatak’s advent into cinema was well overdue. So it’s no surprise that he gets to direct this latest Rajshri venture with Kavita Barjatya as first time producer. Samrat Chakra dhari is no Feluda, Byomkesh Bakshi, Karamchand and neither is he Sherlock Holmes. The opening credits’ reference to Arthur Conan Doyles legendary character with side-kick Dr Watson in tow, seems perilously close to slander. As per the characters’s self-referencing intros, Samrat(Rajeev Khandelwal) is the desi Sherlock who gets called out to Shimla with his partner sleuth Dr Watson(Gopal Dutt) by a young and pretty damsel in distress, in order to solve the case of a dying garden.  Samrat is not as interested in the dying garden as he is in the patriarch who also, as the daughter claims, is dying a slow death.

Once he enters the massive Mahendra mansion, eerie things begin to happen. The patriarch (Girish Karnad) is found murdered , following which the investigation takes steam. There are a few more murders to follow , keeping Samrat and co completely occupied in unraveling the clues that lead to the culprit/culprits. Like Sherlock, Samrat is also made out to be a genius but his sidekick is one of those loud TV presenters’ unlike the legendary Dr. Watson.
The exposition is poor. The script doesn’t allow us to familiarize ourselves with Samrat and his unique abilities. So whatever the development, there’s little depth in terms of logic or sense to sustain it. That Samrat has the ability to deduce demographic profile points from a mere glance  is thrust down our throats without any believable explanation. The so called deepening of the mystery also comes across as ham-handed because every time a finger is pointed at a suspect, he/she is found dead. Also the plotting is given to a by-the-numbers generic structure. The only good thing though is that the film is pretty much short of tedium because of the racy nature of the cutting and crowded eventology. In fact there’s even room for a promising romantic dalliance. Unfortunately the terrible performances and narrative glitches put paid to any enjoyment. Despite claims to the contrary, Sherlock , this is not!


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