Friday, May 9, 2014

Picks&Piques/Snippet Film reviews/9thMay2014/Johnson Thomas

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Picks&Piques/Snippet Film reviews/9thMay2014/Johnson Thomas

Yeh Hai Bakrapur(Hindi) Rating: *  *  *  A metaphor about today’s socio-political set-up. It’s an Insightful satire with  added engagement in the performances and background music by Agni.

Hawaa Hawaai (Hindi) Rating: *  * ½  Too contrived, stunted and indulgent to be exciting.

Khwaabb(Hindi) Rating: *  ½ another sports movie-under dog story,  but lacking in  coherence and emotional attachment.

Koyelaanchal(Hindi) Rating: *  * old-fashioned Killing Fields-too dark and unrelieved to be of any entertainment value
Manjunath(Hindi) Rating: *  *  * based on a true life event but tossed about and churned to make the real one indistinguishable. Nevertheless it’s absorbing enough!

Mastram(Hindi) Rating: *  * Trying to sell soft porn in the guise of respectability. Interesting idea but told in a sleazy, exploitative, lackluster manner minus charm and interest.

Million Dollar Arm(English) Rating: *  *  ½  Sentimental myth-making drivel drives this sports movie based on true events about  sports agent J B Bernstein’s attempt to turn two Indian cricket bowlers into Major league Baseball pitchers. It’s slick but not exactly fulfilling!


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