Amit Sahni ki List, Hindi Bollywood Film movie review, Johnson Thomas, Rating: * * 1/2

Amit Sahni ki List, Hindi Bollywood Film movie review, Johnson Thomas, Rating: * * 1/2

#Amit Sahni ki List(Hindi) Rating: * * ½ As a stand-up #VirrDas is unparalleled but as an actor, he needs to pick better projects to make a mark. This attempt at romcom based on a guy’s list of attributes for his soul-mate, which he puts up on Facebook, is unusual but not completely immersive! It’s Possible that this could get the multiplex crowd in a twitter though. #VeraTamotia #AnuMenon #AjayBhuyan #PyxisPictures

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Hindi Film Review
Johnson Thomas

Errantly charming!

Film: Amit Sahni Ki List
Cast:Vir Das, Vega Tomatia, Anindita Nayar, Anu Menon and Kavi Shastri 
Director: Ajay Bhuyan
Rating: * * ½
Virr Das is the superstar among stand-up comics and anyone who has any doubts on that score should just try to get hold of tickets to any of his hot-selling comedic theatre acts. They sell at unheard of rates and in black too. Astounded? Don’t be. The guy is a class act.  In cinema though, his talents havn’t really come through to a shine. ‘Amit Sahni…’ has him as the titular  lead with a bunch of newbies and Anu (Lola Kutty)Menon providing some comedic inputs. But it’s not all-through smooth sailing or entertaining though.
This attempt is much like an Adam Sandler romcom but without the grossed-out bits. In ‘ Amit Sahni..’ the humor is the light-hearted sitcom variety made-up mostly from Facebook and whatsapp forwards. The list is a matter-of-fact pointer to what Amit Sahni(Virr Das) a well-to-do bachelor belonging to the social networking generation, who is once bitten(betrayed by his ex who he scaled mountains to win back) yet never twice shy. So he gets proactive on the social network and puts out a liust of attributes he expects in his dream woman. 

After some seriously engaging serial dating( which includes a dog loving, bungee jumping Mala played by Vega Tamotia) he finally meets up with  his true love (Anindita Nayar) who fits the bill–that’s the predictable part. But how he gets there is the interesting bit.

The film is not overly ambitious trying to provide a subtext for romantic disillusionment. It’s a matter-of-fact telling, in fact a fairly humorous take, on a well-heeled Guy’s romantic dalliances which inevitable leads to happily ever after- albeit after some trying efforts on his part. The script plies on the romantic allusions with crisp dialogues and up-market irreverence. The characters, all flawed, are of today, imminently relatable with a studied indifference to traditional romantic tropes. The all pervading gen next appeal appears pre-meditated. Amit Sahni is heady on confusion though. For a guy who knows what he wants(the list) he seems a little too eager to move on to the next capture. The ebbs and flows in pace does get a little tedium inducing. The inconsistencies in titular character build-up is also quite off-putting. But the refreshing low-key performances keep the engagement light and entertaining. Virr, Anindita and Vega are likeable and entertaining in their own ways.  The supporting cast in fact does a bang on job to keep you engaged and interested.
Kavi Shastri, as Sahni's best friend Push-kar, Sahni’s talkative, acronym spewing, pole-dancing, mother, Natasha Rastogi, Anu Menon as the relationship breaking-up expert and Noni Singh, the canine with witty thought bubbles, helps keep the perkiness evenly spread-out. The songs do tend to put punctuations marks on the entertainment though. This one’s a fairly engaging dekho-not taxing in the least!                   


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