Munna Mange Memsaab, Hindi Bollywood Film Movie Review, Johnson Thomas, Rating: *

Munna Mange Memsaab, Hindi Bollywood Film Movie Review, Johnson Thomas, Rating: *

·         #MunnaMangeMembsaab(Hindi) Rating: * The abuse of a naïve actor #OmkarDasManikpuri continues. After the miserable #Ibn-e-batuta comes yet another disastrous outing- only this time it’s worse. No story to tell, no acting to speak of. Just hoping to fly on the wings of  senseless ambition. It’s an unworthy one sentence story idea of an ugly guy wanting to marry a memsahib, just because his mother says so- which has been given too much runtime and reel space than it deserves. The implosion was expected! #AshwaniShukla #AltairMedia #ShareephMansuriSaranawala #HimaniShivpuri #RazzakKhan


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Hindi film review
Johnson Thomas`

Unbelievably Obtuse!

Film: Munna Mange Memsaheb
Cast: Omkar Das Manikpuri,  Himani Shivpuri, Razzak Khan
Director: Shareeph Mansuri Saranawala

Rating: *

Small films sneak out of the wood work during lean season. So this week too sees a couple of films bordering on the rancid striving for screen space. ‘Munna Mange Memsaab’ as the moniker so obviously suggests is about an ugly duckling who wants to grow up and marry a swan. It’s an unpalatable twist to a fairy tale and gets more ugly in the telling of it.

The germ of the idea was sown by Munna’s mother(Himani Shivpuri hamming it all the way) when he was a mere child. As an adult, he(Omkar Das Manikpuri) moves to the city in search of his Mem. And every woman he meets gets propositioned by him in the first few minutes of their encounter. Needless to say most of the women slap him and send him packing till he gets hold of a cycle rickshaw parked outside a five star hotel. And a Gori Memsahib walks out and seeks his services to tour the city.  She is the first woman he doesn’t proposition on sight and she is also the first woman who shows him some touchy-feely affection which he mistakes as love. Her time in the city ends and she returns to her country. Munna is heart broken but soon enough a famous actress becomes his benefactor and gets conveniently murdered thereafter. And Munna has to face the music.
It’s not much of a story. The script is riddled with holes and defies logic. The wayward plotting is inexplicable. This entire project appears to have been borne out of greed and unedifying ambition. There are no skills on display here. Just a whole lot of ineptitude.  Omkar Das Manikpuri may have been severely desperate to have kept compromising his hard earned stature(Peepli Live) for this kind of wasteful enterprise. This film is so tedious and exhausting that it wont be considered fit even for TV or straight-to-video viewing!                                         


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