Pizza 3D, Hindi Bollywood Film Movie review,Johnson Thomas,Rating: * 1/2

Pizza 3D, Hindi Bollywood Film Movie review,Johnson Thomas,Rating: * 1/2 
#Pizza (3D/hindi) Rating: * 1/2  Ridiculously titled, attempt at suspense/Horror, this one plays a disgusting con on the audience and you come out wondering why? The 3D is just so pointless #AkshayOberoi #AkshayAkkineni #ParvatiOmanakuttan #DipanitaSharma #ArunodaySingh #RajeshSharma #UTVSpotboy #GetawayFilms

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 Hindi Film Review

VACANT delivery!

Film: Pizza 3D
Cast: Parvathy Omanakuttan, Arunoday Singh, Dipannita Sharma, Akshay Oberoi
Director: Akshay Akineni
Genre: Horror

Rating: * ½
In a confused and immediately disengaging opening gambit, the narrative showcases a supposedly impoverished young couple- Kunal(Akshay Oberoi) and his wife(Parvathy Omanakittan) in the throes of a blood curdling story telling session. He, a pizza delivery boy, doesn’t believe in ghosts while she is an aspiring horror story writer who doesn’t think twice about kneed ling her immature husband. She even goes to the extent of telling him that his moment will come- alluding to an upcoming tryst with horror. Needless to say we are already put-off with the artifice involved in communication between the couple. The wife’s carping appears cruel, especially since the poor guy is shown waking up from a nightmare before being treated to the scare story.

The opening credits though are not as shabbily orchestrated as what follows. The graphics animation and color coding are top notch, leading you to believe that the experience would be much like a Roberto Rodriguez engagement. What follows from the silly opening gambit is a series of traditional genre tricks that would be hard pressed to scare even a kid. And it’s all exercised for nothing. All that set-up and exposition amounts to naught when the final scene is played out and you get to understand the real picture. It’s a con job without the guile or expertise required to pull it off successfully. Akshay Akkineni, newbie director ,who attempted this remake of the 2012 Tamil flick ‘Pizza’ doesn’t appear to have the wherewithal to bring-on even a semblance of conviction. 
The characterizations are ham-handed and off-kilter. The plotting is extremely wayward and the performances lack luster. Akshay Oberoi is sincere enough and Rajesh Sharma provides serious creditable support but it’s simply not enough to get this one firing. The 3D is an appendage that they could have done without. The background score hyperventilates but the mood is just not scary or suspenseful enough. The fake scares and the stupid ideation are terrible turn-offs. Even the genre fans are likely to be severely disappointed by this one!                


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