Bollywood villa (3D), Hindi Bollywood Film Movie Review, Rating: *

Bollywood Villa (3D), Hindi Bollywood Film Movie Review, Rating: *

#BollywoodVilla (Hindi/3D) Rating: * Confounding, Ridiculous show reel for extras that find it difficult to earn a foothold in the mainstream. The so-called mystery about a killer on the loose while the shooting of a film is on in a villa, is just an excuse for some unexciting raunchiness, shabby exposure of female body parts and stereotyped villainy. The 3D only makes it worse. #DilshadWadia #MushtaqKhan #AshwaniShukla #AltaiurMedia

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 Hindi film review
Johnson Thomas

Distinctly lackluster

Film: Bollywood Villa(3D)
Cast: Dilshan Wadia, Mushtaq Khan
Director: Chandersen Singh

Rating: *

 Another of those lean season out-of-the-wood work movies hitting the screens this week, this one appears to be a self-sponsored outing for the wannabe hero and his bunch of side kicks. The setting is appropriately Bollywood and the wannabe star Dilshad Wadia, appropriates the title role of Vishal, a upcoming superstar shooting for a masterpiece film in a Villa.

The film is intended to be a murder mystery and is showcased in 3D. But the treatment and content are far from exciting or mysterious for that matter.  Vishal and his co-stars Bindiya(Sonam Arora), Diana(Jenifer D’souza), Ananya(Foram Mehta)  form the main cast for the film being shot by Benkuthnath Chattopadhya(Mushtaq Khan) . The writer, Babu writer(Prakash Tiwari) , a lascivious villain is also on the sets and so are a handful of technical staff , extras, item girls and a chaiwallah. Then one of the co-star’s falls off the Villa terrace. It’s deemed murder by the police and a feckless investigation is conducted. Another extra is shunted off and the top-cop , after offering a few red-herring mis-directions finally points to the true killer. How he managed to do it and why? is the most implausible segment and is better left in that realm.

The cast is filled to the brim with a bunch of no-hopers. No talent to be found here-not even in the direction, scripting, music or cinematography departments. The camera seeks out weird angles in it’s effort to sex up the enticement but the images are so crass that you would have to be truly desperate to be inveigled. The 3D effects are wayward enough to put you off that gimmick for years.  Better to skip, than spend your hard earned moolah on this one!


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