Friday, July 25, 2014

#Picks&Piques/Snippet Film reviews/25thJuly2014/Johnson Thomas

#Picks&Piques/Snippet Film reviews/25thJuly2014/Johnson Thomas

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#Picks&Piques/Snippet Film reviews/25thJuly2014/Johnson Thomas

#Kick(Hindi) Rating: * * Sajid Nadiadwala’s much publicized directorial debut starring his favorite- the inimitable Khan, is basically a patchy ,ill-defined, masala-fried  show-reel propounding Salman’s richness of heart(much like ‘Jai Ho’ in that respect), while riding rough-shod over technique, script, narrative, action, dialogues and all else. Sajid appears to be paying homage to his bestie here and Salman is allowed free-rein to do whatsoever he wants. And mind you, it’s not a pretty sight! While the production values and international locations add luster, the ridiculous choppy action and bloated over-the-top performances make you want to kick yourself for watching what amounts to a ego centered cinematic selfie!   #SalmanKhan #JacquelineFernandez  #NawazuddinSiddiqui #SajidNadiadwala #RandeepHooda  #SpicePR  

#GrandBudapestHotel(English) Rating: * * * ½  Richly composed fantasy of a fictional cinematic universe, enriched by an intricate tale of a glorious grand hotel and it’s mainstays, in Republic of Zubrowka, dating back to 1920’s. Wes Anderson’s stray outing, is a quasi dark adventure thriller that is fast paced, and idiosyncratically humorous , fronted by accomplished actors in impeccable form. A must-see for lovers of cinema! #RalphFiennes #WesAnderson #EdwardNorton #AdrienBrody #TildaSwinton #WillemDafoe #SoairseRonan #ParagDesai #20thcenturyFoxStar #UniversalPR

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