2nd Trailer launch of #AnuraagKashyap's '#BombayVelvet' was a showier affair than the first

2nd Trailer launch of  #AnuraagKashyap's '#BombayVelvet' was a showier affair than the first
Actors and Producers assemble for a showier launch with the media doing honors in large numbers

Anuraag Kashyap's FoxStarStudios bankrolled, much awaited retro-period thriller 'Bombay Velvet' had it's second trailer launch at a suburban five star hotel with most of the films major stars and producers present to give the show a push up in the media. Controversy's child Anuraag Kashyap seemed gung-ho and happy to flaunt his new found acceptability in mainstream Bollywood with none other than once hated Karan Johar by his side doing the opening honors of detailing his experience on set. " It was my debut as an actor. The only time I had come before the camera previously was as a kid for the TV serial 'Indradhanush.' When Anuraag had come to me with the script I was under the impression that he was looking to me to produce the film but at the end of the narration when he offered me the role of Khambatta, I was flabbergasted. It came as a shock to me and when I heard that Naseeruddin Shah was in the running, I was quick to jump at the offer. I had no illusions and was not expecting to become an actor but since a much feted director was willing to offer me a crucial character role in a dream film, I agreed to do it. After all I had nothing to lose here. The signing amount was  a cheque of Rs 11/-, a mere token. So I was excited and cheap I would say!"

Karan Johar was also categoric in finally admitting that the fraternity was going through a severe crisis at this moment. He failed to elaborate on what the crisis was all about , though. When questioned about his friends in the industry, Karan was quite candid , categorically ruling out friendships and saying that "in this industry we are all there to do work. It's mutual benefits that rule here." Some of the media members were bold enough to link Salman's drunken driving case result date to the release date of the film and Karan was asked as to how the Industry would react to the situation that arises out of the ruling. Here too Karan Johar stated clearly that since the issue was about justice and the courts will have to decide on the verdict, there was no way the members of the industry could have a say in that. "But the industry is supportive of Salman and would like to see him  succeed. "
Karan Johar was also questioned as to whether he would now reciprocate by offering Anuraag Kashyap a role in his film. Karan Johar was not amused and was quite catty when he stated that Anuraag did not have the looks to go with his films about the super-rich set in foreign locations and he was certainly not going to direct a film like 'Gangs of Wasseypur' in order to give Anuraag a role.

Anushka Sharma who plays a crooner in one of the biggest clubs in Bombay of the 60's said " I have an exciting role in the film- one that I have never done before. I don't have much footage with Karan Johar but Ranbir and Karan have done many scenes together in the film and they seemed to have a gala time doing them. I hope this film will be another notch in my careerscape." 

Ranbir Kapoor who plays Bobby Balraj in the film was all praise for Anuraag Kashyap as a director. In fact he even admitted to not being the first choice for the film. He got lucky when Vikas Bahl from Phantom, one of the producers of the film, showed him the script. And he admitted to have rung up Anuraag and offered himself for the role. Anuraag was not ready to cast him and took a week to visualise him in character and finally agreed to cast him in the coveted role. On Karan's needling that Ranbir was more of a director to him in the film than a co-star- offering three suggestions to every instruction that Anuraag put forth, the actor had nothing much to say except put on a sheepish face. Ranbir went on to explain his singular experience with Karan on set. " I had to press Karan's head onto the windshield of a car as part of the scene and I was pressing so hard that Karan had started bleeding. I was all set to stop but Karan wanted us to go on and can the shot despite of the bleeding. That was great method acting on his part. I think you will see him as a great actor in this film, " he opined.

Anuraag Kashyap and Vijay Singh, head honcho, FoxStarPictures was pretty ecstatic about the unique casting. This was Anuraag's dream come true - a film which was in gestation for 8 long years. "It took a long time to work on the script and until we could find the right producer it wasn't going to be workable. Vijay Singh was much appreciative of our script and came on board to bankroll the project. We had a budget to work with and had to finish the shoot in 75 days flat and I must say all my stars and actors were very co-operative and put their best foot forward to make this project happen. My art directors and production designer were very meticulous about recreating a life-sized Bombay of the sixties and the results of that can be seen in the detailing on screen. "

Manish Chaudhary, Kay Kay Menon, Vikas Bahl. Vikramaditya Motwane and the other cast members were pretty much satisfied about working in such a prestigious project. Vijay Singh of FoxStar, who bankrolled the project to the tune of Rs80 crore has great hopes for the film. Despite a low key specialised marketing strategy, he expects the film to catch on with the masses because of it's unique appeal-that of an plush aesthetic product with A list stars to add face value.

The event was a well managed affair by SpicePR and the assembled media was more than happy to put forth their questions on issues related to the film as well as the stars' personal stuff which the stars were quite adept at side-stepping!

Trailer 2- Review: the trailer was slick and interesting but did not manage to convey the thrill elements of the film. Maybe the next one will do that area, justice. This one was better than the first though and Ranbir Kapoor comes across very well in the clippings. Even Karan Johar and Anushka look interesting. Will know more when we see the film I guess.

Hospitality: Though the food service at the event held at #TajLandsEnd was good the food itself was the pits. The drinks were ever flowing though so the assembled media guests were pretty much entertained.

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