#JesusChristSuperstar #RockOperaStageMusicalReview, #JohnsonThomas #Rating: * * *1/2

#JesusChristSuperstar #RockOperaStageMusicalReview, #JohnsonThomas #Rating: * * *1/2

#PicksAndPiques/SnippetTheatreReview Mar2015 #JohnsonThomas
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#PicksAndPiques/SnippetTheatreReview Mar2015 #JohnsonThomas

#JesusChristSuperstar Rating: * * *1/2   #AceProductions’ #RaelPadamsee’s revisit of her father’s iconic hit production emulating #TimRice & #AndrewLloydWebber’s path-breaking rock opera, has the modern tech-trappings to augment the theatrics but lacks in stature lent the original adaptation by the superb casting of MadhukarDhas(AtomicForrest)-NanduBhende(VelvetteFog/SavageEncounter) combo essaying Christ-Judas with theatre talents #NoelGodin(SingingDirector) #GersonDaCunha(PontiusPilate), #DeviekaBhojwani(MotherMary) and #Poornima(Nandu’s sister as Mary Magdalene) as  added strength to the superbly imagined production. Rahul Da Cunha’s year 2000 production was richer than Alyque’s in terms of production bvalue but the majesty was still missing. Rael Padamsee’s current production though replete with accomplished singing talents, and with Alyque helming it,  also doesn’t appear to have either the majesty or the exuberance of the original. The electrifying effect of a live band is missing and the lack of frills and overt symbolism of the staging makes for an interesting though not entirely immersive experience.
The original show opened on Broadway in the early 70’s and in India, Alyque’s show opened much later, in the 80’s with a soul-stirring original written for the Indian version specially, ‘My Son My Son’ sung by the actress who played Mother Mary. Rael’s production also has the same opening gambit with visuals of Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King playing on the AV with a short brief commentary by Alyque. Christ then gets going with his peppy Hosanna number, arriving in Jerusalem with his disciples. Soon after , the apostle Judas Iscariot voices his concern about Jesus’ rising popularity with ‘Heaven on their Minds.’  Later it’s Mary Magdalene’s turn to break into song with her soft and sweet rendition of ‘ I don’t know how to love him.’ Judas’ betrayal, Peter’s lying, the last supper, and the crucifixion are symbolic highs in an operatic drama that appears a bit disjointed  in it’s efforts to pin-up those critical biblical moments. The songs are rendered quite competently even though there did not seem like any standout voice on display. The singing performances are effective and the production design well laid out. For a theatre scene that’s starved of big ticket productions, this one’s got what it takes to get the cognoscenti interested. With not too many shows playing, the demand is sure to overtake supply!   
(PS: This review is based on the production Y showing at the Jamshed Babha auditorium , NCPA)#AkbarPadamsee #ShiamakDavar

Raell Padamsee’s ACE Productions presents the greatest musical of all time – Jesus Christ Superstar, a rock musical based on the story of Jesus Christ. Directed by Padmashree Alyque Padamsee, with artwork by Padmabhushan Akbar Padamsee, and choreography by Shiamak Davar, it broke all box office records with 5 packed premiere shows that enjoyed standing ovations. It promises to be the most exciting musical ever, bringing back to the stage 1974 cast member Devieka Bhojwani, and also with 2 different interpretations performed by two parallel casts.This is the first time ever that such a feat has been accomplished, the world over. A must see production of Love & Humanity in our world today, it continues to leave the Indian audiences enthralled!!!

1) Directed by – Alyque Padamsee
2) Produced by- Raell Padamsee
3) Associate Director- Karla Singh
4) Choreographer- Shiamak Davar
5) Visual Design- Akbar Padamsee
6) Technical Director- Roger Drego
7) Music Director- Merlin D’souza
8) Vocals Director – Deirdre Lobo
9) Choral Director – Mimosa Almeida Pinto
10) Set Design- Bhola Sharma
Production X : Nicholas Brown, Tirthankar Poddar (2Blue), Natasha D’Souza, Devieka Bhojwani, Darren Das, Joe DaCunha, Arjun Dhanraj, Francois Castellino, Harssh Singh and Winston Bento Travasso.
Production Y : Khurshed N Mogrelia, Ronit Chaterji, Meher Mistry, Vivienne Pocha, Jude Almeida, Vikrant Chaturvedi, Asif Ali Beg, Bugs Bhargava Krishna, Shahriyar Atai and Dwayne Gamree.
The apostles and ensemble for Productions X and Y : 
Anoushka Jehani, Adrian Pereira, Bryan Rodrigues, Carissa D’Souza Menezes, Chantelle Saldanha, Jerome Coelho, Jude D’Souza, Hilton Lobo, Lisa DeSouza, Lavina Bangera, Mikhail Vaishnav, Neha DaCunha, Nivedita Raut, Pooja Yadav, Rhiya Jauhari, Rinaldo D’Souza, Rushaad Dastur, Rahul Dutta, Rohan Fernandes, Sandia Furtado, Stephanie Dsouza, Sagar Rayaprolu,Trevor Furtado, Vishal Killekar Rajput, Vicky Aurangabadkar and Vincent D’souza..

Production X cast

JESUS – Nicholas Brown
Since graduating from Sydney’s National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), Nick’s feature film credits include lead roles in the Bollywood films UNindian (with Brett Lee and Tannishta Chaterjee), Awake (Atul Mongia), Love You To Death (Fat Mama Films) and Kites (opposite Hrithik Roshan). In Australia Nick has appeared in many TV shows including Home And Away, The Cooks and Underbelly.Theatre credits include The Laramie Project (Sydney Theatre Company), Seven Jewish Children (Project 88 Art Gallery, Mumbai), Doctrine: How to Survive Under Siege (Rehaan Engineer), and Shilpa Shetty’s West End musical Miss Bollywood. As a singer, he has released an album called Big Score in 2005 and will release his single ‘I Spent My Rent On A Record’ in early 2015 with his band ‘Luck Now’. Nick has also sung and recorded with Louiz Banks and Bombay Dub Orchestra. A screenwriter as well, he has written the upcoming film ‘Lighten Up’, as well as ‘The Brownies’ and ‘Tantra 2’.

His play version of Lighten Up is in development with Cate Blanchett’s Sydney Theatre Company and will be part of its Rough Drafts season in 2015.
“I’m extremely excited to be playing Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar. The role of Jesus truly is the most challenging vocal situation I’ve ever found myself in. Alyque first sponsored me when I moved to Bombay to play Othello in his blues musical version of the Shakespeare play. How wonderful it is 7 years later to be working with him on this marvellous rock opera!
For more information visit www.nicholasbrowntown.com

JUDAS – Tirthankar Poddar (aka 2Blue) is a singer, writer, and now an actor. He has been the frontman of the iconic rock band Vayu and the multi-award winning band Zedde. As part of the aforementioned, Tirthankar has had the privilege of sharing stage-space with hard rock legends such as Paul DiAnno (ex-Iron Maiden), Matthias Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Jonas Hellborg (ex-Mahavishnu Orchestra), George Lynch (ex-Dokken), and Bumblefoot (Guns N’ Roses).Having done his time as
Vice President of Sales & Marketing under the corporate sun, he is now pursuing his creative instincts full time. In his own words, it brings him in alignment with his life’s purpose. Tirthankar plays Judas, a role that he has wanted to play all his life. Being a part of Alyque Padamsee’s ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ has reinstated his faith in the power of his dreams, and has changed his life in more ways than one, he adds.

MARY MAGDALENE – Natasha D’Souza
Natasha D’souza has been singing professionally since 2003. She has been singing on a residency at The Oberoi Hotel at Nariman Point in Mumbai since 2006 and is part of the band “The Soft Rock Revolution”. Apart from The Oberoi, she has performed at various 7 Star and 5 Star properties in Mumbai. Singing at a very professional level, her strength and specialty lies in her versatile style of singing that spans several genres of western music. Her soulful voice comes alive with jazz, pop, fusion, lounge, soul and blues. Her credentials include the title tracks for the film Vidé, a couple of jingles and backup vocals for remixes.
“The journey in JCS has been a creative learning experience on the outside and a deep, self-exploring journey on the inside right from the beginning of auditions, through crazy rehearsal routines combined with the juggling of a crooning job at nights simultaneously, right up until the final show nights.
On the outside, I’ve met and bonded with a bunch of like-minded creative heads which has been so mentally stimulating and on the inside, it has helped me unleash the artist within myself.
A big thank you to Mr. Alyque Padamsee, the multi-talented and energetic Karla Singh and the JCS team for giving me this opportunity.”

Devieka Bhojwani
Singer, actress and social activist, Devieka Bhojwani, is the only member of the original cast of JCS, who is back in the new production, after 40 years. Apart from JCS in 1974, her other performances on stage include, “Godspell” “The Wiz” and “Children of a lesser God”, with Pearl Padamsee, and “Jaya-The Musical” with Lilette Dubey…Married to businessman and musician Suresh Bhojwani, and mother to Karan and Ruchika, Devieka at present runs an NGO , Womens Cancer Initiative, in partnership with the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai.

SIMON – Darren Das
Darren Das, singer, dancer,actor,choreographer and fitness professional, fronts one of the best dance bands in the country ‘darren das and the sixth sense’. He started his theatre career with Shiamak Davar and Alyque Padamsee. He has been part of productions such as ‘Best of Broadway’ with Celia Lobo, Cabaret and Othello with Alyque, ‘Yours, Mine and Ours’ with Nandu Bhende and Karla Singh, ‘Last Tango in Heaven’ and ‘Great Grandson of Bottoms Up’ with Bharat Dhabolkar, to name a few. Back to working with Shiamak and Alyque playing Simon in Jesus Christ Superstar; watch out for his sleek dance moves and lethal and powerful vocals.

CAIAPHAS – Joe Dacunha
Joe makes his first ever theatrical debut with Alyque Padamsee’s Jesus Christ Superstar. Not an actor by profession, he convincingly makes a vivid interpretation of his role as Caiaphas. Joe has never performed before this production, and has really enjoyed the experience. He enjoys singing and performing and has found the challenge of a live show thrilling. The role of Caiaphas has been a ‘once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’ and he is ‘truly grateful for the chance to portray such a diabolical character’. He would like to thank the theatre family for welcoming him and hopes to learn more in future shows.

ANNAS – Arjun Dhanraj is a self taught singer-guitar player and composer, who has been musically inclined since the age of 3. He studied in a boarding school called Rishi Valley, where extra curricular activities were encouraged, and his experiences in RV convinced him that he was never going to fit in to the 9:00-5:00 schedule of the “real world”. Arjun founded his first real band, NerveRek (pronounced Nerve Wreck) in August of 2003, in Chennai, and they ended up opening for bands like The Scorpions (2007), Iron Maiden (2008) and Arjun’s personal favorite, Pain of Salvation (2011). NerveRek is now a Bombay based band and they are working on their debut album titled “Forever Endeavour”, which will release in 2015. He is also well known for his tributes to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, who has been Arjun’s all time favorite artist and mentor since he first discovered “Thriller” in his dad’s audio cassette collection. Arjun has been doing MJ tribute tours across the country every year since the demise of the legend in 2009. Arjun has also acted in a couple of Bollywood movies, “Aashayein” and “My Friend Pinto”. However, Alyque Padamsee’s Jesus Christ Superstar is Arjun’s first time on a theater stage, and he hopes it won’t be his last.

PILATE – François Castellino
With an intense passion for theatre, François has done quite a few plays & musicals in his long theatrical journey. A singer & voice artiste by profession, his voice graces many of the advertisements on television, radio, in theatres & on the Internet. He has recently ventured into production, for radio commercials & voice workshops.

HEROD – Harssh Singh
Harssh trained at the Jeff Goldberg Studios as an actor. He is a radio /voice over artiste and singer in 2 bands Hosh and Freakuency. Having done plays like Project STRIP and No Exit, up next will be Shakespeare’s ‘Merchant Of Venice’ and the film ‘The Persian’ while also franchising the Jeff Goldberg acting studios from New York to Mumbai.

PETER – Winston Bento Travasso
With gorgeous curly tresses, Winston perfectly essays the role of Peter singing a light baritone. At 27, Winston is a trained lyrico spinto tenor, has a wide vocal range and also plays the guitar. He has had the privilege of honing his technique with the best vocal trainers from India and abroad. Winston loves scaring people by practicing scales in the bathroom, on sidewalks, in dark alleys and on rooftops.

Production Y cast

JESUS – Khurshed N Mogrelia
Khurshed has the following achievements to his name:
Won Fresh Face All India, 2011
Worked for Dharma Production’s ‘Student of the year’
Studied music at Mehli Mehta Music Foundation
Lead role in Ace Production’s ‘Grease’
Worked in the advertising industry

JUDAS – Ronit Chaterji is a Music Director, singer, composer and a guitarist. Having been brought up on a rich diet of Indian and western classical music, Blues and Jazz, Ronit has been credited with doing the music for a feature film – ‘Love You to Death’, a multitude of advertising jingles, background scores for short films and for numerous theatrical productions, apart from also being the co-lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the Hindi-Rock band ‘Rang’, and co-founding and conducting for a short time Acapella group ‘The Good Vibrations’. “I joined the JCS family only six weeks before the show was about to commence! Yet, rather than the pressure and the tension one would normally feel with that kind of Damocles Sword hanging over one’s head, I started having the absolute time of my life! Combined with the roller coaster of music that is the play itself, I found myself coaxed, cajoled, supported, moulded and beautifully guided into becoming an actor for the first time! The role of Judas, as written by Tim Rice and interpreted by Alyque, is a very ‘human’ one of layered emotions and complex motivations – that of a brother in everything but blood, being forced to betray the one person he loves most in the world. Yet, with that betrayal comes a whole slew of spiralling consequences that leaves Judas wondering whether he will forever be cursed as The Traitor, or if he was just forced to walk a predestined path to his own destruction, all in order to fulfil a grand cosmic plan. My eternal gratitude to the great Alyque Padamsee, the lovely Karla Singh, and my ever cheerful JCS comrades for changing my life.

Meher’s theatre credits on the Mumbai stage include Stories in a Song, The Sound of Music, James aur Ek Giant Peach and Rusty Screws. She recently travelled to Sacramento, California, to be part of the B Street Theatre’s production of The Conference of the Birds. On television, she has acted in The Week That Wasn’t on CNN-IBN and can be seen in several national commercials – Amazon.in, Vasan Eye Care, Havells Appliances and Tata Tea to name a few. She is also a singer and a voice over artist. She was worked with the improv groups- Improv Comedy Mumbai and Under Construction. She is “so thrilled to be a part of this wonderful cast and team”.

Vivienne Pocha
Vivienne Pocha is an accomplished Soul, Jazz and Blues concert vocalist. She has a background in musical theatre having played lead roles like Mrs Johnson in ‘Blood Brothers’, Dorothy in ‘The Wiz’, Maria in ‘The Sound of Music’, Mary Magdalene in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and Mrs Zebedee in ‘The Witness’. She’s been the voice behind many a jingle for major brands in the advertising field and plays an active part in the Indian film music fraternity for voice textures and background scores having worked with the likes if A.R.Rehman, Shankar Ehsaan Loy, Salim Suleiman, and Pritam. Vivienne is the recipient of the Rolling Stones and Jack Daniels “Best Female Singer” Award.

SIMON – Jude Almeida (AKA Jude Al) Jude is a solo artist/vocalist based in Mumbai. The artist is known for his association with various rock bands ever since college years. Jude has always been instrumental in writing and composing his own songs and performing it with various bands. Besides his love for music his interests also lies in acting- drama/theater, hosting events and teaching music.

CAIAPHAS – Vikrant Chaturvedi 
Vikrant has done a lot of work in theatre. He’s done Begum Sumroo, Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth with Alyque Padamsee, Oliver with Raell Padamsee, Jaya, Sammy and Zen Katha with Lilette Dubey, Jesus Christ Superstar and Class of 84 with Rahul Da Cunha, and Zangoora, the musical extravaganza at The Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon for 1 year. He has also acted in films made by Subhash Ghai, Shyam Benegal, Akbar Khan, Anil Sharma, Abhishek Kapoor, etc. Apart from this, he has had leading parts in over 20 TV shows, the important ones being Thief of Bagdad, Shikwa, Crime patrol and Pavitra Rishta. Currently, he has done work in the as yet unreleased Ashoka. Adding to his credits, he has also done voice overs for many commercials and Hollywood movies, and has been the voice of NDTV India.

ANNAS – Asif Ali Beg 
Asif Ali Beg received the Charles Wallace Scholarship from the British Council to study in the UK. Since then he completed a post graduate course in acting at the East 15 Acting school, University of Essex.He is actively involved in the Bombay entertainment industry as actor, singer, lyricist and voice artiste. As an actor he has worked with Alyque Padamsee, Lilette Dubey, Salim Ghouse, Rahul Dacunha and Mahesh Dattani. Asif also works as a lyricist and some of his popular lyrics include Dhoom 1 & 2, Krazzy 4, Neil& Nikki and Kites. He is the voice of the popular Disney character ‘Winnie the Pooh’ and won an AVA (Association of Voice Artistes) award for his dubbing of the character ‘Edna Mode’ in the film ’The Incredibles’. He is also the voice of ‘Sid’ in the film ’Ice Age’ Asif also regularly conducts workshops in speech and voice culture. He currently awaits the release of his first Bollywood feature as an actor entitled ‘Shamitabh’ directed by R.Balki.

HEROD – Shahriyar Atai 
Enter Shahriyar Atai, “Mr. Entertainment” himself.

“Shahri”, as he is called, is one of the city’s most versatile performers who has been on stage, on TV, in films, radio etc………..Name it , he’s done it!
A riveting stand-up comic, Shahri enthralls audiences with quips on current affairs and happenings. He takes improv to another level altogether, with repartee spiced with sparkling wit and humour, playing with words and their use at lightening speed, with consummate ease and dexterity, never ceasing to amaze and wow people with the ease and smoothness with which he goes about it all! And yes always leaving them in splits of laughter when they do see his skill and brilliance!
A complete performer, he acts, sings and dances as well. He is also a ventriloquist – speaks in many voices and performs many roles (where he is always in character). In fact, he can pull as many acts as you would need out of his multiple hats and have you laughing, singing – and dancing to his tune.
Once Shahri comes on stage, he has a way of vibing with people in the audience to make everyone come alive, drawing out the most straight laced among them, spreading smiles wherever he goes.
His secret: – “I enjoy every minute of it!”…. And so will you!

PETER – Dwayne Gamree
Dwayne Gamree is a musician and vocalist who has been in the industry for 5-6 years. “Acting is one of the newer traits that I realised I have in me all because of the opportunity I got at JCS. A famous sculptor was once asked how he creates such magnificent creations out of mere blocks of marble. His reply was simple. The sculptures are already in it, I just set them free. And this phrase goes especially out to Mr. Alyque Padamsee and Mrs. Karla Singh, because that’s what they did with the lot of us.”

The Apostles and Ensemble

Anoushka Jehani
My parents have always told me one thing “in life do what you love and love what you do!” And that’s exactly what I have been doing. I was always for the creative kind of career. A 9-6 job behind a computer on an old boring table was never me. I loved to sing and dance. Even as a child I had participated in all the possible school plays. Then as I got older I got involved in theatre. Two theatre productions I was a part of were Wizard Of Oz by Balancing Act Production and 4 Square by The Silly Point Production. And now I’m with JCS, where I have the opportunity to do both the things I love to do and that’s SING & DANCE!! It’s been an amazing journey so far and looking forward to much more.

Adrian Pereira a Baritone, developed an interest in music and stage performance at an early age. He has been a chorister with the ‘Stop-Gaps Choral Ensemble’ from 2003 and has performed with the group around India and abroad. He has also represented India in the ‘World Choir Games’ at China in 2006. He has performed in the 12th edition of the SOI “Heavenly Twin Opera – Cavalleria Rusticana/Pagliacci” and was also part of the ensemble for the “Carmina Burana” in 2012. Adrian does back-up vocals for studio recordings and live shows. Apart from singing, he has also been involved in theatre and has recently been seen in an adaptation of ‘A Christmas Carol’ in December 2014.

Bryan Rodrigues 
Bryan started off as an individual artist in mid 2013 and is a guitarist, singer and songwriter. He has won various cultural events and has recently launched one of his tracks names ‘Tonight’ (2014). Bryan also is a backing vocalist. Apart from music, he has always been fond of and active in dramatics and theatre since the age of 7. He made his first appearance on stage in the play named ‘The Shoe Maker and the elves’ and has acted in various musicals / plays such as: The Lion King, Alladin, The Wizard of OZ, Pinocchio, West Side Story and one of his personal favourites ‘Moulin Rouge'(2010).”Yes indeed, Jesus Christ Superstar has been like a life changer for me. For me working with the legend Alyque Padamsee at this age (18) is like a dream come true. Well, talking about JCS, it’s not a musical it’s a journey!!! It’s a story about LOVE and never ending COMPASSION which the world is in desperate need of at this hour. I’m truly happy and privileged to be a part of this production.”

Carissa Menezes 
Carissa has completed Grade 5 in Western Classical Singing – ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London) and is currently pursuing a Diploma in singing – ABRSM under training with Patricia D’Cunha.

She has also completed Grade 5 in Piano, (Trinity College of Music, London), and completed Grade 5 in Theory of Music – ABRSM
“I started my music career with Alfred D’Souza, and have a total voice training period of 11 years. I was a member of the Paranjoti Academy Chorus. I taught Western Classical singing at ‘Theme Music Institution’ and have trained and conducted a children’s ensemble at the NCPA for the Christmas concert as well as the Kala Ghoda Festival. I have judged Singing and Instrumental sections at St. Andrews College and St. Theresa’s Church.
I currently train voices from my residence.

Chantelle Saldanha 
Chantelle Saldanha has had an exposure to singing since her early years. Despite taking part in several competitions during her school years, she only began her formal training recently – at the age of 16. Over the course of this time, she has won multiple college festivals – Ranked first in the Malhar Acapella, and winning both the Polaris band and solo event for two years consecutively. She also has a flair for drama, being most comfortable on-stage and in front of a crowd.

Chantelle is energetic, bubbly and charismatic. Being a higher soprano, she has a keen interest in singing Opera and Celtic Music but boasts a wide vocal range.
“At 19, I feel privileged to be a part of the Jesus Christ Superstar cast. Having the opportunity to work with such experienced and talented people is rare, and provides me with a lot of knowledge and skill. I hadn’t expected my first opportunity in theatre to be such a big one, and I am extremely grateful to Alyque Padamsee and Karla Singh for putting their faith in me. JCS is an amazing play and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Hilton Lobo
“My experience as an artist was something I cannot explain in words. Acting and singing was something I had never attempted and it has been a life changing experience. To work with a legend like Alyque Padamsee was unimaginable and to get groomed under some amazing teachers like Karla, Deirdre and Mimosa is an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life. JCS rocks!!!”

Jerome Coelho 
Jerome is a dynamic, young professional with high octaine energy & a flair for creativity. A versatile singer/actor & dancer, he is a singer at Dylan D’souza’s “Salvation Singers”. Winner of the Literary Arts trophy for “Best ACL Malhar” at St. Xaviers College,Fort, he is also a singer/songwriter/rhythm Guitarist at “Life in the Spirit”, a blues, slow rock, pop & rock n roll band, which plays for weddings, corporate parties, social gatherings, etc. He has done theatrical plays such as ‘West Side Story’, ‘St. Paul’s Life’, ‘Lion King’, ‘Pinocchio’ ‘Pied Piper of Hamlin’ and ‘Saach’.

Jude Kenric Dsouza
Jude is happy to join the Cast of Jesus Christ Superstar.His previous stage credits include performing with Mumbai’s favourite choral ensemble “The Salvation Singers” and with Vir Das’s Band, Alien Chutney. He hopes you enjoy the show as much as he does!

Lisa Desouza 
As a toddler and all through her school years, Lisa Marianne de Souza would be most at home on stage, taking part in school plays and walking away with prizes in Santa Cruz’s talent contests.

More recently, she has performed at numerous events as a chorister with the Santa Cruz Ensemble and currently with the Salvation Singers.
She has starred in lead roles in Sacred Heart Parish (Santa Cruz West) productions of ‘The Prodigal Son’ (as the Mother), and ‘The Ten Commandments’ (as Nefertari) and sings regularly with the Youth Choir at Sunday Mass.
She has performed at Mtv Coke Studio and Mtv Unplugged with The Salvation Singers.
On multiple occasions, she has worked with Vir Das and Alien Chutney and performed at NH7 Weekender (Delhi 2013), BlueFrog (Mumbai), GQ Men of the Year Awards (2014) with The Salvation Singers.
“I enjoy everything to do with showbiz – the practices, the friends, the greasepaint and the lights, and the excitement of taking part and giving one’s best, especially in a great musical like Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’!”

Mikhail Vaishnav
Mikhail is a trained Voice-over artist and has had acting experience in more recent musicals by Ace productions like ‘Grease’ and ‘The Sound of Music’. He also plays the title role of ‘Cupid’ in the recurring show ‘Utter Cupidity’. The musical ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ has been a big part of his childhood and he’s thrilled to be a part of it.

Neha Dacunha
Neha is excited about her debut performance in Jesus Christ Superstar. Her previous stage credits include performing with Mumbai’s favourite choral ensemble, “The Salvation Singers” and with Actor, Vir Das’s Band, “Alien Chutney”. This theatrical experience with JCS has created new friendships and long lasting memories. She looks forward to performing for you and hopes you enjoy this all-time favourite musical.

Nivedita Rautt
I am a student and a dance instructor at Shiamak Davar International. Dance is my passion. It’s only because of Shiamak that I got to work with this beautiful cast of JCS

Rhiya Jauhari
Rhiya Jauhari is currently pursuing music professionally, singing at the BlueFrog, Hotel Intercontinental, the Renaissance and other renowned resto-bars and restaurants. JCS is the first major production she has taken part in and it has been a great inspiration for her to experiment with musical theater.

Rinaldo D’souza
Rinaldo D’souza is a singer/songwriter who has been a part of many theatrical plays and adaptations. Currently a member of a Blues band called “The Tripp”, this youngster has performed at various venues around the city including Hard Rock Cafe, Celebrate Bandra, BlueFrog and many more. Apart from singing, he is versatile in drama and dance. Jesus Christ Superstar has been the biggest production that he is a part of so far.

Rahul Dutta
“For me, Mumbai and Ace productions are synonymous to begin with. It’s been an evolving experience performing alongside the talented and fabulous artistes of JCS. I’m thankful to AP and Karla Singh for sharing their magnanimous expertise and introducing me to unexplored dimensions of performing arts. Certainly, it’s been a journey to cherish.”

Rohan Fernandes
An Event Manager by profession, acting and singing has always been a passion for me. Theatre has always been a hobby fondly pursued and JCS has given me an opportunity to bring my 2 passions together. I currently sing with The Salvation Singers Dadar, and do alot of theatre on the social front.

Sandia Furtado
Coming from a predominantly sports family, movies and theatre was another dimension for me altogether. But soon I realized I had something more than just my versatility in sports – I had the ability to alter my persona when I held a microphone in my hand!!!

“My journey began with a Bollywood blockbuster named ‘Chak De India” where I played the character of Nethra Reddy! I was awarded the ‘Best Supporting Actress’ for my debut film. It inspired me further to the stage and with the wealth of that experience; I have hosted many a corporate event and even a music festival. So when the auditions for Jesus Christ Superstar came to my attention, I felt I was able to don the hat for theatre. Jesus Christ Superstar is, for me, an epic masterpiece and a wholly spiritual experience”.

Stephanie Dsouza believes the secret to happiness is love. Give her a microphone and that is what she is all about. It all started at the local church during her teens. Over the years, her choir groups only got bigger. Some names that warrant a mention include ‘Gleehive’, ‘Cadenza Kantori’, and the acclaimed ‘Newman Choir’. With the aforementioned, she has toured internationally as well.“I’m not scared to dream big. My theatre debut in the musical ‘Grease’ was nothing short of a dream-come-true. Since then, I have been a part of other legendary theatrical productions like ‘Broadway And Beyond’, ‘Love’, ‘Death Of A Salesman’ and now ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’” says Stephanie. When not on stage or in the studio, Stephanie can be found baking. Must say her cakes are to die for.

Sagar Rayaprolu
Originally from Hyderbad, Sagar shifted to Mumbai to follow his passion for music. After reaching the All India Karaoke Finals twice, he is now the vocalist for the band ‘Twist to Break Seal’. He currently works as a promo producer for the TV channel, Mtunes. “Always dreamt of being a part of a musical, since I was little”, he says “and now relishing being in this Legendary Production.”

Trevor Furtado
Trevor Furtado started his music career at the age of 12 at the St.Andrews Zonal Talent Competition and never looked back.​Lending his ​​mellow bass tones as a​ backing vocalist for singing greats like A R Rahman for the IPL Awards, Sukhwinder Singh for the GIMA Awards, Amit Trivedi for Bombay Velvet & Aadesh Shrivastav, are some of his many achievements. As a choralist for many of the top choirs in Mumbai, he has performed for the NCPA Legends Tribute to Whitney Houston and The Jazz Legend Concert, as well as with the Living Voices in collaboration with the BCO in concerts directed by guest conductors from Germany, Austria, UK and USA. His vast experience with various choirs, namely The Chanters of Jesus, Newman Choir & The Living Voices have led to performances at The Grand Hyatt, The Leela’s, JW Marriott & Blue Frog and The Palladium for various Christmas Shows. Singing and winning at various talent competitions around Mumbai has made him a GOLD  mine of talent for Jesus Christ Superstar.This multifaceted professional besides singing has a flair for cooking and baking as well.


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