A futuristic science fiction of Rama’s legend in “The Crystal Guardian Series” first title- The Exiled Prince

A futuristic science fiction of Rama’s legend in “The Crystal Guardian Series”

~ The first book – The Exiled Prince to be launched soon

A unique tale that blends fast action, futuristic science, and magical adventure into a different telling on the Legend of Ramayana and narrated by the protagonist himself.
At the core of this trilogy is the omnipotent Crystal of Creation that has to be guarded to prevent the destruction of mankind as we know it. As the series continues and gathers momentum and advanced scientific weapons swish across the air, new secrets about the legend of Rama begin to unravel as he adopts a new avatar of … the Crystal Guardian!
The Exiled Prince in “The Crystal Guardian Series” is categorized under the Genre of Fiction with an Original Release Type, featuring a Binding PaperbackImprinted by Fingerprint!, it runs with a Page Extent of 264 pp and is priced at Rs. 199/- 
About The Book:
Legends say that there exists a supreme Crystal of Creation, with part of the souls of Lord Shiva and Narayana suspended within it. This single most powerful weapon with the power to construct the universe, annihilate it, and recreate it again; remained hidden somewhere deep within the Himalayan ranges… Except now, it has gone missing.
Rama, the hero of the ages, must embark upon a perilous journey to find the Crystal of Creation before someone else, someone with an insatiable lust for power, discovers it and the reigns of the entire cosmos fall into the wrong hands.
And thus begins an epic adventure which will take Rama, beyond the kingdom of Ayodhya into lands where he will have to battle the most fiercest of demons that have colonized Earth and in the course, change the destiny of human lives forever. This tale will also seek to answer a question that has never been asked: Who was Rama really? What was his real purpose? Is he the real immortal?
As powers greater than the universe itself come together only to erupt into chaos and intrigue, discover a tale set in a time before Time, where the immortal Rama will come to life and reveal his mysterious world through his eyes as he begins his true purpose- the quest for the Crystal of Creation.


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