Rock, Paper, Dice, Enter, English Canadian Film Movie Review, Johnson Thomas, Rating: * 1/2

English Film review
Johnson Thomas
Too wordy and nothing to thrill
Film: Rock , Paper ,Dice, Enter
Cast: Kash Gauni, Richard Lee,
Director: Shreela Chakrabartty

Rating: * ½

The only thing out of the box in the title of the film , the rest is all boring procedure. This Indo-Canadian joint venture at a suspense thriller can barely make it to the doorstep of  a drama. The screenplay was adapted by Kash from his own novel and seems to have got stuck with an overly verbose narrative.
A fictitious city replete with dark alleys and an atmosphere of foreboding plays host to a mysterious lone ranger called Roman(Kash Gauni), a computer hacker who manages to trick his way through the security protocol of the city. He comes by this route while intercepting a diamond heist and then gets all preachy and pro-active about world peace and what not.

The narrative does not make logical sense and the un-enliveningly engineered drama is so enervating that you might just fall asleep. Add the fact that the film is populated with little know actors whose screen presence amounts to nothing much. So there is absolutely no excitement to look forward to and the implied mystery is so badly set-up that you wouldn’t even be bothered to crack it. Even world renowned Mandolin player Snehashish Mozumder’s background score does little to enhance the dismal proceedings. Just in case you are wondering about the title- it’s all about diamonds, information, chance and technology. Go figure!


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