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Johnson Thomas
Film: Ya Rab


Film review Ya Rab: Too shrill to be counted as purposeful
Cast: Akhilendra Mishra, Manzer Sehbai, Ajaz Khan, Arjumman Mughal, Flora Saini, Kishori Shahane Vij, Vikram Singh, Imran Hasnee
Directed by: Hasnain Hyderabadwala
Ratings:  * * ½  


Gone are those days when the muslim socials used to have a devoted die-hard following. Today it’s  time for the correctional film- aiming to connect the masses with the true version of Islam, one that deviates from the notorious notion that terrorism is acceptable and suicide bombers are a venerated lot. 

So after two striking blows-for-the-cause from Pakistani offerings ‘Khuda kay liye’ and ‘Bol’ we have an indianised version of basically the same thing. ‘Ya Rab’ seeks to crush the incorrect popular notion that Islam is a violent and vengeful religion.
The film shows the battle between two ideologies -One representing the Islamic principles of compassion and respect for human life, while the other incites youth to avenge alleged atrocities on Muslims and in-between is caught a family that is a safe harbor for both sides. Maulana Jilani (Akhilendra Mishra)  supports Terrorism and actively prepares youth for jihad. Jilani has planned a bombing in a mall in Lucknow and tries to keep his family away from that area by inviting them to dinner at his house. But  soon-to-be-mother Amreen (Arjumman Mughal) and her hubby  Imran (Vikram Singh) have to leave early because of a previously fixed doctor’s appointment. A last minute shopping tryst leads them into the hot-bed of the explosion leaving Amreen brain dead with a slim chance of saving the unborn baby.
On the other side, you see Anti terrorist officer Ran Vijay Singh(Ajaz Khan) who with the help of his lover (Flora Saini ), a Journalist , sets-up a joint effort to finish Terrorism. The set-up is typical and the stridency and loud dialogue-baazi inherent to this kind of cinema. The performances are a little too overdone to be natural and the characterizations look too one-dimensional to appear real. This film is just too fake to come across as real.


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