Machhli Jal Ki Rani Hai, Hindi Bollywood Film movie Review, Johnson Thomas, Rating: * 1/2

Machhli Jal Ki Rani Hai(Hindi) Rating: *  ½ Horror is supposedly a better bet at the box-office but certainly not this type of clueless, witless and unaccomplished tripe! 

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     Hindi Film review
Johnson Thomas
Quite simply, Unprepossessing!
Film: Machhli Jal ki Rani Hai
Cast: Swara Bhaskar,  Bhanu Uday, Murli Sharma, Reena Debnath
Director: Deboley Dey     
Rating: * ½

“Machhli Jal Ki Rani Hai,”  a childish name for a film proposing to unleash the scares, is yet another attempt to cash-in on the recent craving of the audience for films from the horror genre. A sizeable number of horror flicks have done reasonably well at the Box-office irrespective of their quality and it’s probably a sound decision to tackle this genre as a first-time investment in mainstream bollywood.  
But filmmakers latching on to a trend without developing their story idea, are also a dime a dozen in Bollywood. Deboley Dey is no different from this set of filmmakers. His film is about Ayesha(Swara Bhaskar) and Uday Saxena(Bhanu Uday), along with their young son,  who are involved in a major accident in Mumbai. Uday, a mechanical engineer, works at a private company and they were till then, living a perfect life with their four year old son Sunny.
The accident happened while they were coming back from a party and incidentally,  the other driver dies on Ayeshas' side of the windshield, It’s an incident that plays on her mind and depresses her. When Uday's boss offers him the job of managing a Jabalpur factory, he accepts the opportunity to give Ayesha a change of atmosphere.Uday becomes busy with his job and rearranging their life. Ayesha starts to feel the presence of someone in the house that no one else can. Her fears grow and she starts behaving in a bizarre manner.
Their move to their new home in Jabalpur becomes the incidental excuse for involving them in paranormal activity. Everyone around them appears sinister and  doubtful. The family is in turmoil and scared out of their wits.  Ugra(Deepraj Rana) gets called-in to do the exorcism. It’s of course a huge challenge for him. Will he succeed?
You just don’t want to know because you can’t be bothered. That is how uninvolving the standard issue story and lackluster treatment are. The film doesn’t even boast of a genuine scare. The contrived, faultily engineered ones are laughable. Even the performances don’t have any conviction. Hysterics abound aplenty. The accompanied psychobabble is well short of believability. The only time you’ll be lucky to be genuinely horrified is when you come across the open ending. Just the thought of a sequel to this horror farce can give you the Hives!


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