Picks&Piques/Snippet Film reviews/13thJune2014/Johnson Thomas

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Picks&Piques/Snippet Film reviews/13thJune2014/Johnson Thomas
Fugly(Hindi) Rating: *  *  Invoking ‘Hit’ titles, serenading ‘hip’ ineptitude, this ‘Dilli’ youth centered bromantic drama follows the ‘FUKREY’ route to a ‘Rang De Basanti’ climax but has very little in-between other than a series of desi rhythm and beat heavy music videos. This sort of so-called story is old hat now!
Chal Bhaag(Hindi) Rating: * Random strands put together in the hope of getting a rise out of the audience but it’s so inane that you just wanna get up and run out of the theatre!
Machhli Jal Ki Rani Hai(Hindi) Rating: *  ½ Horror is supposedly a better bet at the box-office but certainly not this type of clueless, witless and unaccomplished tripe!
18-11: A code of Secrecy(Hindi) Rating: * ½  A well-kept secret better left unraveled! Couldn’t figure this one out.
Unforgettable(Hindi) Rating: *  Best  Forgotten stale  ‘mate’ story!

Grace of Monaco(English) Rating: *  *  * Kidman, Full of GRACE! A luminous  performance from Nicole Kidman lifts this movie from out of the doldrums of limited appeal brought on by it’s unambitious fictional script. It’s not a bio-pic on Grace but a fictional account that dresses up political sentiment in the hopes of giving the Star Princess a much more heroic turn. Yash Raj Entertainment’s maiden International foray is a creditable effort as Pumped-up Performances, production values and technical effort are up there with the best!
How to train your Dragon 2(English/3D) Rating: *  *  * ½ As beautiful and imaginative as the first installment, this one makes you want to be able to fly! Rich , Vibrant and colorful enough to entice even the most jaded of viewers.



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