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Tamil Film review
Johnson Thomas

A refreshingly humorous take on the big fat south Indian Wedding
Film: Kalyana Samayal Saadham    (Tamil/English subtitles)
Cast: Prasanna & Lekha Washington
Director: R S Prasanna

Rating: *  *  *
Written and Directed by debutante  R S Prasanna, this Tamil film with English subtitles has already run a winning hand in the Tamil Nadu cinemas. The attempt is now to create box-office magic in the cities and to this intent , the collaboration with PVR cinemas. 
The film is a remarkably unaffected tale of a young couple's tryst with the rub-up to a big fat south indian wedding. The agonies and ecstacies are all portrayed with true vigor . Stress related erectile dysfunction, a topic that is least likely to be discussed before marriage, forms the crux of this interestingly treated drama that sticks to the nitty-gritties and avoids artificial enhancements like the plague. There is hardly any artifice of the traditional cinematic variety , on display here. The humor is light, the narrative is completely engaging and the performances are magnetic. Every frame harkens to a ingenuity that is entertaining and fulfilling. Krishnan Vasant's cinematography is matter-of-fact , keeping with the tone and tenor of the film. The editing by Satyaraj could have done with a little more sniping though. 
Both Lekha Washingston and Prasanna embody their respective roles with fluidity and ease. As a couple grappling with a very real problem-one that could ruin the rest of their lives, they come across as sympathetic and allows us to empathise with their predicament quite easily. 

The film is a little too long-winded and that is the only negative in an otherwise entertaining and interesting whole!



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