Thursday, January 16, 2014

Movies(Best releases)of the Week/17Jan 2014,Johnson Thomas

Movies(Best releases)of the Week/17Jan 2014,Johnson Thomas

5 movies to choose from-all of varying genres-plenty of variety and spice to keep you engaged.

American Hustle(English) Rating: *  *  * ½ it’s typical American cinema, a talk-heavy con within a con spoofy drama with sharply etched performances.

Carrie(English) Rating: *  *  * reworks the age-old horror hit with a teenage twist and comes-up fiery and affecting.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit(English) Rating: *  *  *  A fast paced generic espionage thriller that generates excitement without resorting to cheap thrills.

Miss Lovely(Hindi):  Rating: *  *  * less than illuminating saga about the dark and inhuman depravity rampant in the back-end side of glitzy Bollywood.

Om Dar Ba Dar(Hindi/Restored) Rating: *  *  *  An absurdist drama in the form of a surreal fantasy. 

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