Entertainment, Hindi Bollywood Film Movie review, Johnson Thomas, Rating: * * 1/2

Entertainment, Hindi Bollywood Film Movie review, Johnson Thomas, Rating: *  * 1/2

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#Entertainment(Hindi) Rating: * * ½ Gone to the Dogs! Yeah you guessed it. The dog is more endearing than the bunch of loud brash and totally crass no-hopers sharing the frame. Johnny Lever and Krushna Abhishek manage a few stray funny moments but the rest is just a desecration of Bollywood in the name of ‘comedy.’ There’s plenty of ‘Bone’ to pick here, not least –the one coming from #AkshayKumar’s weird dress sense! This is merely dog-eared Entertainment, not meant for those expecting fresh ‘Bite’ for buck! #AkshayKumar,#TamannahBhatia, #KrushnaAbhishek, #JohnnyLever, #MithunChakraborthy, #SonuSood, #PrakashRaj #Farhad-Sajid #Tips

Hindi Film Review

Johnson Thomas
Film: Entertainment
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Tamannah Bhatia, Krishna Abhishek, Johnny Lever, Mithun Chakraborthy, Sonu Sood, Prakash Raj
Director: Farhad-Sajid
Rating: *  * ½
After a more than adequate run with action(Rowdy Rathore,Special26,Holiday), Akshay Kumar returns back to comedy- this time with a new director duo Farhad-Sajid who seem to think they have the pulse of what suits the ticket buying audience best! Considering that the audience has willing dipped into their lean pockets for a monster such as ‘Kick,’ it’s taken for granted that such obtuse rendering of comedy will also manage to get the audience into this disastrous flick!

The film opens with Akshay Kumar in a fat suit and ends with him in a dumb-suit!  In between there’s a hare-brained idea- about a dog-a.k.a Entertainment(Golden Retriever) becoming the sole heir of a Rs. 300 crore property with the legitimate (Akhil-Akshay Kumar) and illegitimate( Karan-Prakash Raj & Arjun-Sonu Sood) challengers of the departed Panna Lal Sethji’s ‘will,’ going ‘Ape’ in their effort to generate comedy. It’s of course set in Bangkok, away from the prying eyes of the animal welfare board, so there’s no crying over mistreatment of the central character which happens to be the Sethji’s ‘saviour’ and pet- who also happens to be the only family (as recognized by the Sethji) left behind. Also, a major portion of this expensive Dog show is clumsily orchestrated CGI dominated. Thankfully the editing keeps the pace fluent, disallowing closer inspection of the ludicrous content.
‘Entertainment has gone to the dogs ‘ and literally so. The lovable ,endearing Golden retriever is the only one who doesn’t ham, over-react or bellow at the top of his voice. Sajid-Wajid’s slapstick physical comedy suffers from overplaying, big time. A digitally botoxed Akshay Kumar with the weirdest dress sense and a silly looking wig can do little but buffoon around mouthing ridiculously inane dialogue in shrill, headache inducing, bombastic tones. Krushna Abhishek, who plays Akhil’s bestie,Jugnu, a bollywood fan, uses filmy monikers to score his hits. He of course performs in comedy circus fettle and manages to get in a few laughs. So does Johnny Lever who plays  Habibulla, the family Lawyer and Mithun Chakraborthy who plays Saakshi’s(Tammanah) father aiming for a Crorepati son-in-law. Prakash Raj and Sonu Sood try the tiresome old comic-villain tricks of the 90’s- a la Anupam Kher-Shakti Kapoor-Kadar Khan and it’s quite a silly sight.
While the writing is pedestrian, the narration does have a smidgen of self-mocking playfulness, allowing for the audience to stay un-aggrieved at the sheer effrontery on display. The Jump cuts, the over-indulgence in silly, repetitive routines and dog-show pyrotechnics, the  obvious plotting, infantile dramatics,  high-decibel accouterments and the imminently forgettable music make the audience feel pained by all that effort  going to the dogs. There’s plenty of ‘Bone’ to pick and no meat to revel in, so the joy is short-lived and ends much before the interval can bring you much needed relief. The rest is just tedious ho-hum, practiced tomfoolery that the participants might have enjoyed much more than the mind-numbed audience suffering through it!


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