Life Is Beautiful, Hindi Bollywood Film Movie review, Johnson Thomas, Rating: * *

Life Is Beautiful, Hindi Bollywood Film Movie review, Johnson Thomas, Rating: *  *

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#LifeIsBeautiful(Hindi) Rating:* *  A triangular romcom fashioned on immigration necessity. Beautiful to look at but nothing really exciting here(other than the lead actress #NancyBrunetta, I mean..) #ManojAmarmani #AnokhiDalvi #ParthNaik #HemaUpadhyay #Tejas #1HMedia
Hindi Film review     
Johnson Thomas     

Not as beautiful as proclaimed!

Film: Life is Beautiful
Cast: Manoj Amarmani, Anokhi Dalvi, Nancy Brunetta, Parth Naik, Raj Zutshi
Director: Manoj Amarmani

Rating: *  *

Shot entirely in Canada, this film is written, produced, directed by the film’s lead actor, Manoj Amarmani who also appears to have done a Sheetal by hogging credit for background score, choreography and costume design. It’s a debut effort and as such is quite likeable mainly because of the easy on the eye visuals, good looking lead pair and some pleasant music.

So far as the story goes it’s pretty much inventive but not exactly plausible. Raj(Manoj) works in Toronto and lives with his friend Prem(Parth) and Prem’s younger brother. Prem doesn’t want him there and is overjoyed to know that Raj has lost his job and is likely to be sent back to India. A lawyer advices Raj to marry another temporary immigrant Pia( Anokhi Dalvi)from India so as to fortify their case for residency. Raj is in love with Linda(Nancy Brunetta) though and wants to marry her but Linda, on finding out his neediness sends him packing. Pia steps into the breach and though the two don’t like each other they agree to stay married for a year. Linda eventually cools down and begins reciprocating Raj’s advances and Pia who is already in a relationship with workaholic Rohit, starts developing feelings for Raj. How this scenario is eventually resolved forms the rest of the narrative.
There’s nothing much wrong with the story other than it’s fractured reasoning and forced farcical routines. Prem could have well kicked Raj out of his apartment and had no need to allow Pia to also move in. Especially since the two play abominable pranks on him and have no respect for his feelings. The legal advice of Raj and Pia getting married to ensure citizenship for the two also appears to be a wildly imaginative. Nancy Brunetta has little to do other than look appealing and she does that beautifully. Anokhi Dalvi as Pia has a strident voice and that’s a strong put off but she’s not too bad as a performer. Parth Naik as Prem is meant to be irritating and that he does with great felicity. Manoj Amarmani displays his distinct Shah Rukh Khan hangover in every move he makes on screen from the song choreography, to the style of music, to the expressions. And it’s a pleasant watch. Unfortunately his dialogue delivery is a little too stilted-and  he sounds childish in most scenes. Toronto looks lovely and the editing and sound add weight to the competence. This film is at best –pleasantly, imperfect!


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