Samarthya, Marathi Film Movie Review, Johnson Thomas, Rating: * *

Samarthya, Marathi Film Movie Review, Johnson Thomas, Rating: *  *


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#Samarthya(Marathi) Rating: * * Nobly intended but the requisite clarity is missing! About female foeticide, the narrative is a little too jumbled-up to be hard-hitting! #SwayambhooProductions
#ChandrashekharSandve #ArunNalawade #AsavariJoshi #NakulGhanekar  #SheetalPathak #UdaySabnis,

Marathi Film review
Johnson Thomas
Strong on theme but poor on execution!
Film: Samarthya

Cast: Nakul Ghanekar, Sheetal Pathak,Asavari Joshi

Directed by Chandrashekhar Sandve

Rating: * *

 The film ‘Samarthya’ has very noble intentions- deals with the issue of female Foeticide. But what is being passed-off as a movie-with-a-mission is merely a jumbled-up melodrama that doesn’t really feel like the much vaunted ‘Mission’ was accomplished!
Snehal, a medical student who has just given her MBBS finals is shown to be in love with Samit who doesn’t seem to have any job or for that matter any family. At least that’s how it appears as the director fails to drum up any cohesive background for one who appears to be the catalyzing force in discovering the infamous medical racket of abortion clinics performing pre-natal tests for identifying the sex of the baby and conducting illegal abortions for unwanted ‘female’ foetuses. Never mind that. On the pretext of changing his shirt which appears to be torn at the sleeve,  Samit lures Snehal to his home and the expected happens. They have sex and soon Snehal is found to be pregnant. At first Samit agrees to marry her and to get his parents blessings, he goes off to his village. That’s what he says. Thereafter he brings up one excuse after another to shy away from the responsibility and eventually it’s 4 months too late. Af6ter which he conveniently suggests an abortion and takes Snehal to the clinic where her mother (Asavari Joshi) and father(both gynecologists) do consultations. His timing is so good that he takes a burkha clad Snehal into the room where her mother is seeing patients. So the cat topples out of the bag and we are told by Samit that his wife and unborn child were killed by Snehal’s parents and he was out to wreak revenge on them.
The problem with the film is that the story just doesn’t ring true. If a medical student doesn’t know about contraceptives and the morning after pill then who does? Then again  another question arises from Snhal’s lack of knowledge about her parents practices. A nursing home where live foetuses are destroyed to redress natures balance, a farm house where they go to unwind and an orphanage run by them for girl children abandoned  by parents and rescued by the so-called medical missionaries(non-religious context)- Snehal is just clueless about all this and more.  The Doctors are finally arrested. The case is in court and there’s a lot of pontification going on before the truth is revealed. But right through the processes of cutting back and forth from events in their lives to the courtroom, the incremental revealatory process designed by the director fails to muster interest or engagement. Halfway through it all you feel out of sorts with the whole story. Despite the sincerity of purpose, there is little purchase for total engagement. A distinct lack of logic in the plotting, lack of strong back stories, poor characterizations  and jumbled-up vision puts paid to what could have been a concerted exercise in building up a strong voice against female foeticide. Performances were ok but treatment and plotting were clueless so  overall there’s little  there to give the movie a grip other than the theme!


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