Battle of the Damned, Hollywood English Film Movie review, Johnson Thomas, Rating: * *

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English Film Review
Johnson Thomas
Film: Battle of the Damned
Director: Christopher Hatton
Rating: *  *

Running Time: 88 min.
Synopsis: A deadly virus has swept through a major city, creating legions of flesh-eating zombies as the military races to sequester the population. Meanwhile, an influential business tycoon's daughter has gone missing in the danger zone. Determined to get her out at all costs, he hires formidable mercenary Max Gatling (Dolph Lundgren) to track her down, and escape before the city is incinerated. With just one day to accomplish his mission, Gatling quickly enters the city and locates the girl. Just when it starts to look like the duo will be devoured by the rampaging legions of the living-dead, however, the sudden appearance of some high-powered robots gives Gatling the idea for an escape plan that's sure to work - if they can just pull it off before the entire city goes up in flames

It’s sci-fi action adventure that is replete with repeat elements. There’s nothing new here except for muscle guy Dolph Lundgren battling the living dead with the help of some Robots. It’s rudimentary stuff at best.

Maj. Max Gatling (Dolph Lundgren) commands a highly trained group of mercenaries hired to rescue Jude (Melanie Zanetti) from the zombie overrun city. Writer/director, Christopher Hatton reveals the plot right up front. Within the first ten minutes you pretty much have the gist of the story neatly packaged and delivered. So there isn’t much of a mystery to hold your attention thereafter. It’s all about a battle royale that envisages between Max, the living dead and the robots. As battles go, this one is fairly enagaging. Beyond that there’s nothing to be had.

This film is a fairly decent fusion of science fiction, horror and, of course, high adrenaline action. The CGI though not exactly seamless, achieves some sort of conviction. The zombie sinahbiting this movie are faster and therefore more mebacing. This gives Max a much bigger target to achieve and frenetic camerawork does the rest. And that’s exactly what keeps this movie going.


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