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Hindi Film reviews
Johnson Thomas
Film: Bewajoofiyaan: Turgid ‘Father of the Bride’ copycat rom-com
Cast: Rishi Kapoor, Ayushman Khurana, Sonam Kapoor
Director: Nupur Asthana

Rating: *  *
A poor copy of the ribtickling Hollywood rom-coms ‘Father of the Bride’ and ‘Meet the Parents,’  this Nupur Asthana directed medium budget quickie is just not entertaining in the least.
The father - V.K Sehgal, IAS cadre( Rishi Kapoor), a soon to be retired Secretary to the Indian Government, is a widower with a pretty achiever daughter Mayera(Sonam Kapoor), whom he supposedly dotes on. So off he goes into overprotective, over cautious mode when She gets home her beau Mohit Chadha(Ayushman Khurana). Obviously he is not too pleased with the wannabe bridegroom’s marketing job at an airline and is out to garner all the minutest of unsavories about the upstart. Conveniently enough, Mohit becomes jobless and the couple decide to cover-up the issue. Lies come into play and then misunderstandings and finally a penniless Mohit has no alternative but to escape the marital noose just when the father begins to accept the inevitable and gets the two a set of solitaire enagagement rings costing $ lakh rupees and more.
The storyline lacks strength mainly because after creating a few routine set-piece laughs, it gets bogged down in unvyable inanities. Recession and an over-protective Dad are the hindrances in this romance but the enjoyment gets curbed vy much more than plot-twists. The fickle treatment is a major spoilsport here. The screenplay lacks pathos, empathy, humor and bite. So by Half-time you feel totally enervated by what transpires on screen.
Mayera and Mohit are both poorly written characters. Their inter-personal hijinx are played out quite artificially. At no time do we feel engaged or empathetic towards the two and their plight. The father’s over-protectiveness also comes across as poorly envisioned. Thereafter there’s little hope for enagement. Mayera’s trip to Dubai, Mohit’s struggle to find a job and Sehgal’s glee at their break-up juts leave you unmoved. You can well guess what happens in the end- No need for me to get into that.
As a viewer it’s just difficult for us to buy into the act put on by mohit to win over hios future father-in-law and keep his fiance happy. Also  the fact that he is an MBA topper and can’t find a suitable job for a very longtime and then decides to eat humble pie as a café manager, doesn’t make logical sense. There’s just a little too much happening here that doesn’t convince. Sonam is also too plastic to improve the situation. Only Ayushman does the sincere act well in this choatic tedium earner!


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