Ragini MMS 2, Hindi Bollywood Film Movie review, Johnson Thomas, Rating: * *

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Hindi Film review
Johnson Thomas

Film: Ragini MMS 2: Grunt, Scream, Grind, Strip- The Horrex formula
Cast: Sunny Leone, Parvin Dabas, Sandhya Mridul, Saahil Prem, Anita Hassanandani,Sonia Mehra, Karan Mehra, Kainaz Motiwala
Director: Bhushan Patel

Rating: *  *

The first one was a novelty. Vast numbers of the Indian mainstream audience had not seen it’s copycat inspiration,  ‘The Blair witch Project’ so Balaji managed to score a winner on smart timing,  sheer ingenuity and pluck. This one (Ragini MMS 2) has no such luck. It’s slimy, sleazy and completely adulterated with formulaic elements. So what you get is a ghastly song and dance whose plot basics closely resemble ‘The Blair Witch Project 2.’
Fancy this: A group of filmmakers try to recreate the events from the first movie and as expected the ghost from the past gets resurrected. This  sequel begins with a loud and insecure director Rocks (Parvin Dabas) deciding to make a film on the two leads who were subjected to a paranormal experience when they spent a dirty weekend in an isolated bungalow. In this movie, Ragini has been sent to a mental asylum and her boyfriend Uday is missing. In order to make the film more realistic, Rocks  decides to shoot the film in the original haunted bungalow.

 Rocks wants Sunny(Sunny Leone) to essay the role of Ragini and he has his way.  An assorted bunch of other characters such as a brooding scriptwriter, an over-enthusiastic TV actor, a psychiatrist who is also an exorcist and a two-bit actress Monali(Sandhya Mridul)  round-up the motley crew of odd-ball characters being primed for the scare-fest.
This time the Ghost with a scrambled voice enters Sunny Leone’s body and everyone she comes in contact with either gets spooked or killed. The plot twists are many, the scare thrills are screechy, the atmosphere is less than scary and the effects look terribly shabby. It’s a kill-it-by-numbers nihilistic assay that in experience feels thoroughly exasperating. The make-up and CGI come unstuck big-time. Nothing looks real or believable. Especially  Sunny Leone’s bump, grind, scream, strip, sway your hips and go for the kill routine. The horror faces look funny and the dialogues sound so hokey it’s close to ridiculous. The sharp, loud sounds, the cheap parlor tricks, the unconvincing scare  elements, and the poorly rendered back-story makes the going very difficult for any form of enjoyment.
 This film by Bhushan Patel would have been better off if it was a spoof of the first. A few  chart-busting  numbers(baby-doll in particular)  with highly suggestive choreography can do little to energise or enthuse the by-now weary viewer. Trying to fashion a horror flick without ingenuity and creative enterprise , based solely on a titillating presence is totally defeatist. After all why does one need to see Sunny Leone in a Hindi film when her past ‘s’experiences are floating around all over the internet- and that too full-on?


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