Dishkyaoon, Hindi Bollywood Film Movie Review, Johnson Thomas, Rating: * *

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 Hindi Film review
Johnson Thomas
Film: Dishkiyaoon: Vagrant Dystopia
Cast: Harman Baweja, Sunny Deol, Ayesha Khanna, Prashant Narayanan
Director: Sanamjit Talwar

Rating:  *  *

This is Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra’s first home production and as such , much was expected from it. The fact that the producers shied away from showing the film to the press a day before the release, tells it’s own story, though. That insecurity gets doubly compounded when you are faced with the dilemma of having to sit through unchallenging tripe that could have been well left alone!

The moniker shouts out the films inherent inadequacies. This is basically a film about a guy who wants to join the underworld and become a gangster. Set in the backdrop of Mumbai’s ghettos, this film hopes to tell us a story about an upper middle class man’s decent into violence and crime(Done to death a thousand times in so many hindi films before this one). So this telling doesn’t have any distinction at all. It’s all seen-before scenarios that just don’t engage , enthrall or entertain.

Viki(Harman Baweja) a motherless boy clamoring for love and attention doesn’t get it from his busy father who supposedly is a Gandhian. All the luxuries of his life can do little to stem the discontent in his soul. He is fatalistically attracted to the underworld  which is only a street away from his plush apartment home. Viki sells drugs , uses Mota Tony(Prashant Narayanan) to wreak revenge on those who bullied him in school and seems to have tremendous pent-up resentment against his  father. So off he goes into the abode of criminals trying to find the one thing he cannot get at home.  And that’s where he meets Lakwa(Sunny Deol spewing haryanvi). Viki shores up his gangsta credibility by spreading rumors about his heroics. He never manages to live up to it though. We really don’t know what the writer/director wanted to convey with that tidbit but as a viewer the disconnect was on. Incoherence plagues you at every plot turn.

Whoever thought-up this scenario obviously needs to have a rethink. There’s no clear exploration of Viki’s discontent nor is there any concrete analysis as to why he is so attracted to the dark side. It’s just a given and we have to swallow it whole. The screenplay doesn’t have much depth to go on and the action is basically relegated to the post interval section so- for most of the first half you’re just left twiddling your fingers wondering why you are sitting through it at all.

The gang wars, smuggling scenarios, manufactured emotional moments are of little interest. The pace is lethargic and extremely debilitating,  while the performances lack connect. Harman appears to be making a sincere effort to move away from the Hrithik Roshan style of acting and as such it’s an earnest effort. But the script and characterization is so poor that you don’t feel for him or his plight at all. Ayesha Khanna doesn’t have much to do. Prashant Narayanan makes a serious effort to look sly but it’s well short of his own best. Sunny Deol’s presence does liven-up things for a bit but it’s certainly not enough to set things right here.


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