Noah, 3 D English Hollywood Film Movie review, Johnson Thomas, Rating : * *

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 English Film Review
Johnson Thomas
Film: Noah

Director: Darren Aronofsky

Rating: *  *


Synopsis:Darren Aronofsky brings the story of Noah's Ark to the big screen.Aronofsky directs from his own script co-written by Ari Handel and John Logan. 
Aronofsky’s Noah is rather a humble servant driven to the edge of madness in his effort to do the Lord’s bidding. Counterintuitive, perhaps, but by no means sacrilegious, yet the film never rises to the heights of a great epic. Aronofsky’s uneven but undeniably bold, personal, visually extravagant take on the Old Testament tale is not likely to go down well with those immersed in christianity. It just may entertain the others though with it’s trendy , unconventional veering off into areas where the Bible does not take us.
The film appears to have been a risky passion driven gamble, much like ‘The Great Gatsby’ and ‘Gravity’ before it.   The film is austere and Spartan in it’s sweep and changes the equation between Noah and God. “Noah” doesn’t look like any biblical epic we’ve ever seen before, with the verdant hillsides and ashen volcanic flatlands of Iceland standing in for the deserts of the Middle East, photographed with rugged grandeur by Aronofsky’s longtime d.p. Matthew Libatique. The costumes by “American Hustle” Oscar nominee Michael Wilkinson, looks more modern- more like army surplus. Aronofsky and co-screenwriter Ari Handel have taken  made boldfaced transgressions so much as interpretations, additions and embellishments designed to flesh out the spare Noah narrative to feature length.  But the experience is not satisfactory at all.
The ark itself, Designed by production designer Mark Friedberg (and built, to the actual dimensions specified by the Bible, on a New York soundstage),  is an awesome thing — not the traditional sailing vessel, but rather an enormous wooden warehouse  constructed with the help of  the Watchers (the film’s version of the biblical Nephilim), fallen angels exiled to earth for their loyalty to mankind and imprisoned inside towering granite bodies that they lug about like walking mountains.
There are a handful of sequences here that use time lapse photography and montage editing to get a whole lot of information across very quickly, but  they’re not as effective as bits of economic storytelling.this film is more of a personal qbout redemption and new beginnings.                  


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