Picks&Piques/Snippet Film Reviews21stMar2014/Johnson Thomas

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Picks&Piques/Snippet Film Reviews21stMar2014/Johnson Thomas
Gang of Ghosts(Hindi) Rating: *  *  ½  Borrowing liberally from the original humorous Bengali film but not making it as humorous, validating or engaging!
Ankhon Dekhi(Hindi) Rating: * *  Rajat Kapoor’s Latest takes the road less travelled- about a man who takes to heart the ‘Seeing is Believing’ dictum and changes his life accordingly only to find himself alienated and alone
Ragini MMS 2(Hindi) Rating: *  *  This unlettered attempt to recharge the brand with a sexy face(Sunny Leone) comes unstuck because it lacks novelty and the technique and content is spurious!
Lakshmi(Hindi) Rating: *  *  An enervating factual rendering of a true story about child trafficking,  sorely lacking in dramatic heft and emotional connect. Too flat a rendering to be cinematic!
Need For Speed(3D/English) Rating: *  * ½ Inspired from the popular video-game franchise of the same name, this race car driven exercise is heavy on torque but low on fuel!
Muppets Most Wanted(English) Rating: *  *  ½ this transcontinental caper is entertaining in fits and spurts but not in the same class as the first edition.


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