#ActionJackson #HindiBollywoodFilmMovieReview #JohnsonThomas Rating: *1/2

#ActionJackson #HindiBollywoodFilmMovieReview #JohnsonThomas Rating: *1/2

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#ActionJackson(Hindi) Rating: * ½  confounding illogic. Brief spurts of unbending manga-action style are submerged in a sea of nonsense. Slap-shtick, obdurate dialogues, stroppy sequencing and a topsy-turvy narrative lacking in script sense kills off any enjoyment to be had. A stiff Devgan aiming for fluidity and power while enacting dance action, looks terrible! #AjayDevgan #SonakshiSinha #PrabhuDheva #GordhanPTanwani #SunilLulla #AjhaiAcharya #ErosInternationalWorldwide #NikhilGTanwani #HimeshReshammiya #VijayArora #BabaArtsLtd #ParagDesai #UniversalCommunications
#SulemaniKeeda(Hindi) Rating: * * * Peddling attitude rather than substance. The content is ephemeral but the performances and dialogues come across naturally. Mildly humorous, Ironical bitter-sweet bromantic engagement - even though the script lacks solidity and bite.
#AmitMasurkar #NFDC #MauliSingh  #NaveenKasturia #MayankTewari #AditiVasudev #KaranMirchandani #KrishnaSinghBisht #DilipPrabhawalkar

#MumbaiDelhiMumbai(Hindi) Rating: * A crass romantic comedy with undignifying performances and shabby writing. #SatishRajwade #ManuRishiChadda #ShivPandit #PiaaBajpai #Viacom18

#BhopalAPrayerForRain(English/Hindi) Rating: * * * Revisiting a terrifying human tragedy without the requisite homework. A wishy-washy tale of death and debilitating agony, this one prefers to stay on the right side of the Americans! Even so it’s a decent watch. #MartinSheen #MischaBarton #RajpalYadav #SaharaMovies #PerceptPictures #RisingStarProductions #RenukaGuptaPR #TanishtaaChatterjee #SatishKaushik
#ExodusGodsAndKings (English Imax 3D) Rating: * * * Visually majestic but a little stunted in it’s expansiveness. Christian Bale stars as Moses in director Ridley Scott's Biblical epic based on the Book of Exodus. Scott makes it much more realistic and believable but unfortunately that takes away from the expected fantasy experience. Doesn’t have the campy involvement that made DeMille’s ‘BenHur’ oh so memorable.   #FoxStarIndia #RidleyScott #ChristianBale #UniversalCommunications #ParagDesai #JoelEdgerton #BenKingsley #AaronPaul #JohnTorturro #IndiraVarma #MarAavalverde #GolshiftehFarahani #SigourneyWeaver

#ThisIsWhereILeaveYou(English) Rating: * * Shawn ‘Night at the Museum’ Levy’s  typically American, un-relatable dysfunctional family comedy that’s more tripe and snipe than humorous or engaging. Frankly Big stars don’t count when the going is so trite.  #WarnerBrosPictures #AnkitAgarwal #JasonBateman #TinaFey #AdamDriver #RoseByrne #JaneFonda #ShawnLevy #AbigailSpencer #DaxShepard #TimothyOlyphant #CoreyStoll #KathrynHahn #ConnieBritton
 Hindi Film Review
Johnson Thomas

Confounding Nonsense!

Film: Action Jackson
Cast:Ajay Devgan, Yami Gautam, Sonakshi Sinha, Kunal Roy Kapoor, Manasvi Mamgai, Anantharaj, Puru Rajkumar
Director: Prabhu Dheva

Rating: * ½

A remake of the Telugu hit ‘Dookudu, ’  ‘Action Jackson’ is basically a mainstream Bollywood vehicle meant to keep afloat Ajay Devgan’s perceived felicity with action comedies. The intent may have made sense but the expense doesn’t. In fact it’s difficult to find anything likeable about this obscurantist’ exercise in futility.  
The titular star struts across all he surveys in two different avatars- a small-time Mumbai hoodlum called Jay and the other-Vishy, a loyal right hand man of a Bangkok mafia don. Tender sensibilities are sure to be hurt what with the level of obnoxiousness this film proffers. Juvenile antics, cheap gags, irritating background score, stupefying dance and action choreography make for a whole that appears to be completely dead on the inside.  
Superman motifs, piecemeal ‘KillBill’ manga action and a tangential shift into Eva Green’s shoes from ‘300 rise of an Empire’  makes this action-comedy a mish-mash of styles and ideas without any clear cut direction as to where it wants to go or what it wants to achieve. That’s what south-side masala is all about- no doubt. But for the Hindi cinema Faithfull’s this could well be viewed like a lesson in Greek and Latin minus the translation.

Ajay Devgan is called upon to do stuff that he can barely manage- like dance, move fluidly and fight with conviction. There are two heroines (Sonakshi and Yami Gautam), to serenade and a villainess( Manasvi Mamgai), to reject. So he has his hands full just dealing with that. In addition to that, he also has a slavish sidekick(Kunal Roy Kapoor) to contend with and a good Samaritan credo that allows him to be everywhere there’s a need for superhuman intervention. Add a slew of villains who keep coming at him from all corners (Bangkok, New Zealand,Pune, Mumbai)  and his cup more than just overflows. There’s a distinct lack of credibility in the characters and the  plotting defies sense and logic. The action is showy and unconvincing.  Bouncing human bodies, overturning cars, slashing agro add to the ridiculous effects of the action set-pieces. Midway through the film you realize that there are two heroes who seem to have acquired a diverse spectrum of fighting abilities –enough to be at different places in the nick of time. And they don’t need a cape to do it. The editor and director just have them waiting at the appointed spot when they are most needed. Random bursts into song, dance, action and tripe don’t add up to any kind of entertainment.

Devgan still has what it takes to emote a fierce engagement but so far as action and comedy goes, it’s high time he laid up his boots on those fronts. Neither the slap-happy comedy, the silly dialogue-baazi nor the action  measure up to even the lowest of standards. Haphazard plotting in a narrative that goes completely haywire in it’s efforts to establish audience connect, makes this over-ambitious exercise look like a misfiring bazooka all the way along. Lets not even pick on performances – as there are none to even be deemed worthy of a critical appraisal.

 It’s certainly a big confounding mess. And Sonakshi’s ‘Singham to Chewing Gum’ admission signifies the extent of the degradation that a prototype actioner has to undergo in an effort to appease an audience thirsting for something different. ..Because the difference here is just not good enough.    


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