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#BadlapurBoys(Hindi) Rating: * ½ An old-fashioned appropriation. Attempted sports-movie but without minus the requisite adrenaline pull. More social than sporting. #KarrmMovies #ShaileshVerma #KishoreShahane #NishanNaniah #SaranyaMohan #AnnuKapoor

#Main aur Mr Right(Hindi)Rating: * ½  A silly search for a mirage that never is, was or can be,  a bunch of ‘friends’ with dysfunctional attitudes and a director that doesn’t know when or what to cut out –highlights this pitiable rom-con that is only bearable because of Barun Sobti’s nifty en-treatment. #MadMidaasFilms #AdeebRais #AseemRais #PoojaGujral #RaindropMedia #BarunSobti #ShenazTreasurywala
#Jessabelle(English/Horror) Rating: * * KevinGreutert’s supernatural thriller trades on voodoo, secrets, dark forebodings and ominous messages from the grave for it’s horror thrills. But it’s the strong sense of Louisiana bayou atmosphere that attracts much more than the caramelized horrors of a southern gothic melodrama. It’s mystery and suspense are fashioned around an exploitative telling that relies on outdated Cajun-country stereotypes.#RobertBenGarant #PVRPictures #KevinGreutert #PriyankaVaswani #SarahSnook #MarkWebber #DavidAndrews #JoelleCarter #AnaDeLaReguera 

#Babadook(English/Horror) Rating: * * * It plays on your senses and plagues your mind. Involving , inveigling and insinuating in equal measure JenniferKent’s film has all the hallmarks of a solid horror engagement. And it employs the horror staples with such efficiency and smarts that you are left reeling in it’s horrifying aftermath. It’s  a meticulously designed and directed debut feature from the writer-director who expanded on her award-winning short, “Monster” for the purpose.  #SGNMediaworks #PVRDirectorsRare #EssieDavis #NoahWiseman #AlexHolmes #RadekLadczuk #IFCMidnight #ScreenAustralia #CausewayFilmsPresentation #SouthAustralianFilmCorp #SmokingGunProds #OneFilmsInternational 

#TheHobbitBattleOfTheFiveArmies(English/3D)Rating:* * * *  Peter Jackson’s final salvo is pumped-up, spectacular, exciting, and entirely rousing- everything that a stand-out epic cinematic adventure should be. No words can describe the sheer scale and magnitude of this inveiglement.  #WarnerBros #PeterJackson #AnkitAgarwal #OrlandoBloom #LukeEvans #RichardArmitage #EvangelineLily #CateBlanchett #BenedictCummerbatch #IanMcKellen
#Linga(Tamil/Telugu) Rating: * * Rajnikanth gets right back into the thick of action-masala-extravaganzas, following that family fronted disaster ‘Kochadaiyyan.’ He yet again performs his tried & tested tricks with age-old savoir-faire - but it’s not as enticing as yore. Age and time have worn out the magic. Boredom stalks big-time, here. #KSRavikumar #SonakshiSinha #Rajnikanth #PonKumaran #AnushkaShetty #ARRahman #RRathnavelu  #ErosInternational #RocklineEntertainmentPvtLtd  #Munirathna #KSRavikumar #Rajnikanth
#Madhyamwarg(Marathi) Rating:* * A typically convoluted social drama about middle-class angst with hyperventilating hysterics and conspicuous melodrama. Too copious to curry favor. Bhojpuri superstar RaviKishen attempts to spread his burnt-out wings in regions yet unexplored.  #RaviKishen #VasanArtsMediaPvtLtd #CPIMovies #SiddharthJadhav #AnantJog #HarryFernandes #GunavantSen

 Hindi Film review
Johnson Thomas

Knotted Imaginings!

Film: Main Aur Mr Right    
Cast: Shenaz Treasurywala, Barun Sobti, Kavi Shastri, Varun Khandelwal, Danny Sura,
Director: Adeeb Rais
Rating: * ½

A ‘Friends’ sort-of relationship tangle, this innocuous search for Mr Right by a Casting Director Aliya Raj(Shenaz Treasurywala) leads a bunch of friends into a series of missteps that put their respective individual relationships with partners in jeopardy. Do they come out of it unscathed?

It’s typical shop-worn Hollywood stuff being appropriated without so much as a care taken as to the raison-d’être for the contretemps that follow.  Aliya is supposedly successful(never-ending punctuating runs of video-taped auditions prove that I guess), looks pretty enough (even though she has a perma-pout) and has a bunch of friends who are all in live-in, married or about-to-tie-the-knot kind of relationships.  She is the only one without a boyfriend (montages show us that she’s been rejecting all her suitors and has yet to come up with a Mr Right for a happily ever after) so her friends keep nagging her about her unrealistic standards. To shut them up, she embarks on an idea that looks good on paper but doesn’t appear very practicable on film. She hires Sukhi(Barun Sobti) – the male equivalent of ‘Eliza Doolittle’ from ‘My Fair lady’- a desi, dehati, uncouth, wannabe actor fulfilling all the stereotypical requirements to warrant the gender equivalent of a sows ear to silk purse transformation. This ‘Pygmalion’ gambit is meant to allow for wide-eyed comedic moments but instead it sets-up incredulity and amazement rather than giggles and laughter.
Sukhi does well as her Pharma-entrepreneur boyfriend on a short visit from abroad and her friends are impressed enough for complications to arise. Then he gets found out and everything goes hay wire. Needless to say, like any Bollywood film , this one too works on the premise that the hero and heroine should eventually live happily ever after even if their friends don’t.

It’s not a very confident or convincing exposition or set-up. Director Adeeb Rais treats this attempt at urban rom-com with a Hollywoodian flourish but the lack of empathy and understanding in the individual character traits and dilemmas makes all the ensuing fracas seem unnecessarily fractious and unbecoming.  Bappi Lahiri appears to have re-invented himself with some intriguing indi-pop music but his attempt to cash-in on past glory with a ‘Yaar Bina chain kahan re’ revisit punches holes in that theory too.  The cast all look like they fit into the ‘Friends’ mold but they do not have the dialogue delivery or the acting abilities to make their antics on screen enjoyable. Shenaz Treasurywala , who has had quite a few films under her belt, doesn’t manage to distinguish herself either.  The only becoming factor here is TV hottie Barun Sobti’s ability to make the unlikely transformation stick with some nifty acting. But for his resplendent ability to convince and engage, this defeatist enterprise would have sunk without a trace!


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