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#BadlapurBoys(Hindi) Rating: * ½ An old-fashioned appropriation. Attempted sports-movie but without minus the requisite adrenaline pull. More social than sporting. #KarrmMovies #ShaileshVerma #KishoreShahane #NishanNaniah #SaranyaMohan #AnnuKapoor

#Main aur Mr Right(Hindi)Rating: * ½  A silly search for a mirage that never is, was or can be,  a bunch of ‘friends’ with dysfunctional attitudes and a director that doesn’t know when or what to cut out –highlights this pitiable rom-con that is only bearable because of Barun Sobti’s nifty en-treatment. #MadMidaasFilms #AdeebRais #AseemRais #PoojaGujral #RaindropMedia #BarunSobti #ShenazTreasurywala
#Jessabelle(English/Horror) Rating: * * KevinGreutert’s supernatural thriller trades on voodoo, secrets, dark forebodings and ominous messages from the grave for it’s horror thrills. But it’s the strong sense of Louisiana bayou atmosphere that attracts much more than the caramelized horrors of a southern gothic melodrama. It’s mystery and suspense are fashioned around an exploitative telling that relies on outdated Cajun-country stereotypes.#RobertBenGarant #PVRPictures #KevinGreutert #PriyankaVaswani #SarahSnook #MarkWebber #DavidAndrews #JoelleCarter #AnaDeLaReguera 

#Babadook(English/Horror) Rating: * * * It plays on your senses and plagues your mind. Involving , inveigling and insinuating in equal measure JenniferKent’s film has all the hallmarks of a solid horror engagement. And it employs the horror staples with such efficiency and smarts that you are left reeling in it’s horrifying aftermath. It’s  a meticulously designed and directed debut feature from the writer-director who expanded on her award-winning short, “Monster” for the purpose.  #SGNMediaworks #PVRDirectorsRare #EssieDavis #NoahWiseman #AlexHolmes #RadekLadczuk #IFCMidnight #ScreenAustralia #CausewayFilmsPresentation #SouthAustralianFilmCorp #SmokingGunProds #OneFilmsInternational 
#TheHobbitBattleOfTheFiveArmies(English/3D)Rating:* * * *  Peter Jackson’s final salvo is pumped-up, spectacular, exciting, and entirely rousing- everything that a stand-out epic cinematic adventure should be. No words can describe the sheer scale and magnitude of this inveiglement.  #WarnerBros #PeterJackson #AnkitAgarwal #OrlandoBloom #LukeEvans #RichardArmitage #EvangelineLily #CateBlanchett #BenedictCummerbatch #IanMcKellen

#Linga(Tamil/Telugu) Rating: * * Rajnikanth gets right back into the thick of action-masala-extravaganzas, following that family fronted disaster ‘Kochadaiyyan.’ He yet again performs his tried & tested tricks with age-old savoir-faire - but it’s not as enticing as yore. Age and time have worn out the magic. Boredom stalks big-time, here. #KSRavikumar #SonakshiSinha #Rajnikanth #PonKumaran #AnushkaShetty #ARRahman #RRathnavelu  #ErosInternational #RocklineEntertainmentPvtLtd  #Munirathna #KSRavikumar #Rajnikanth

#Madhyamwarg(Marathi) Rating:* * A typically convoluted social drama about middle-class angst with hyperventilating hysterics and conspicuous melodrama. Too copious to curry favor. Bhojpuri superstar RaviKishen attempts to spread his burnt-out wings in regions yet unexplored.  #RaviKishen #VasanArtsMediaPvtLtd #CPIMovies #SiddharthJadhav #AnantJog #HarryFernandes #GunavantSen

Hindi Film Review
Johnson Thomas

Old-fashioned Appropriation

Film: Badlapur Boys
Cast: Nishan Naniah,Saranya Mohan, Annu Kapoor, Aman Verma, Kishore Shahane, Pooja Gupta, Ankit Sharma, Boloram Das, Shashant Udapurkar, Sushant Khandiya , Shashi chaturvedi 
Director: Shailesh Verma    

Rating: * ½

As a fallout from the poor showing of last week’s big ticket release, ‘Action Jackson,’  small films like  this one under review received unwitting media attention.  Unfortunately ‘Badlapur Boys’  doesn’t have the buoyancy to live-up to that circumstantially escalated expectation.  Serving up an old-fashioned cinema social with intermittent bouts of sports, romance and song, debutant director Shailesh Verma actually believes he has a winner on his hands. Unfortunately , this characterless remake of a Tamil film ‘Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu’ doesn’t have the gumption or stamina of a sporting enterprise- even though the backdrop is that of  kabaddi- a sport that made it to the Asian games competition and won India many laurels in the international arena.

As a sport Kabbadi hasn’t earned itself many spectators so a cinematic journey in that arena doesn’t spark much of interest. Shailesh Verma’s script doesn’t have the guts to glory inveiglement of a ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ or the native integrity of ‘Paan Singh Tomar.’  Even though the story involves a bunch of underdogs, passionate kabaddi players, who become compromise entrants in a State level tournament and go on to distinguish themselves as players to reckon with, it’s not really a realistic or well structured plot curve. Add to that the ritualistic misery of a romantic triangle and a tragedy just waiting to happen, and you just want to tear your hair out at the sheer misappropriation of ideas and lack of any cohesion in the story-telling craft. The songs are extremely banal, the dialogues sound pre-historic and the social commentary appears totally fake.
Vijay(Nishan Naniah) lost his father to suicide( set himself ablaze in an effort to gain the attention of authorities regarding the lack of water in the village), and ever since he and his mother(Kishore Shahane) have been ostracized and vilified as being a mad man’s son and widow.  The local Zamindar(Aman Verma) takes pity on Vijay and hires him on as a shepherd. Vijay develops a passion for kabaddi and begins to play truant so the Zamindar beats him up and drags him to the revered Tulsi plant to force him into a vow that binds him to his job- thus conveniently disallowing him the chance to play his favorite sport. Trials and tribulations abound in that the mother toils hard, the son sacrifices school in order to support the family’s existence and later on he falls for a girl from Meerut whose details he neither knows nor is keen to find out. Fantasy wanderings into song and dance later,  she returns to her hometown while he goes off  to support his village team in their efforts to gain a foot hold in the State level Kabaddi tournament held in the nearby village. Beats me why a spectator/observer would be deemed a capable player by a renowned coach(Annu Kapoor) even though he’s never seen the bloke make a single move in the sporting arena. But that’s indeed what happens and the rest is history ..or is it tragedy?

Performances are also too run-of-the-mill to warrant appreciative comment. Indian villages have not gone extinct but that mindset of oppression and servitude has long since been on the out. But filmmakers continue to serenade a past that they hope to eke out empathy for. You just can’t connect to Vijay (Nishan Naniah)’s tragedy because it is served in stereotypical Bollywood masalafied fashion.  This one is a little too old fashioned and uninteresting to warrant a dekho by any crowd!


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