#3am, Hindi Bollywood Film Movie Review, Johnson Thomas, Rating: * *

#3am, Hindi Bollywood Film Movie Review, Johnson Thomas, Rating: *  *

#3am, Hindi Bollywood Film Movie Review, Johnson Thomas, Rating: * *
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#3am(hindi) Rating:* * A horror film- Paranormal Activity wannabe, had a decent enough idea to begin with but it’s unintentionally funny moments and illogical shifts into fantasy romance flashbacks puts paid to any tension or fear. Amateurish scares spell doom too #SpicePR #RanvijaySingh #AninditaNayyar #SalilAcharya #KavinDave #VishalSMahadkar #SiddharthAtha #NittinKeni #RichardDeVarda

Hindi film Review
Johnson Thomas

Unintentionally funny…

Film: 3am
Cast: Ranvijay Singh, Anindita Nayyar, Salil Acharya, Kavin Dave
Director: Vishal S Mahadkar

Rating: * *

Here’s a horror film trying to get a rise through the ‘Paranormal Activity’ ploy. Sunny(Ranvijay) and Sara(Anindita Nayyar) are live-in lovers who get engaged at a party the same night that she sets out on her own to investigate paranormal activity at Rudra Mills compound without her miniature copy of the Bhagwad Gita. The next morning she is found hanging from a projectile at the derelict abandoned mill and Sunny, heart-broken, is driven to drink. Conveniently enough, he becomes fanciful, dreaming up nightmares while his two friends, also colleagues at a Channel specializing in reality TV, Raj( Kavin Dave) and Cyrus(Salil Acharya) serve him with a food tiffin everyday since Sara’s death. One fine day he opens the door to a new idea and gets his friends and his boss to back it. To implement it, they must conduct live recordings of paranormal activity at Rudra Mills while toying with ghosts supposedly resident there, following a fire.

The resultant spooks and scares appear terribly contrived and pitiful. Inexplicably locked-up doors, moving incandescent orbs, shadows of bodies walking past, humans flung across and dashed against walls, demonic possessions and what have you- make you want to laugh out loud at the sheer lack of effort in trying to build either atmosphere, a sense of foreboding , pliable scares or believability for that matter. The 3am mumbo-jumbo explanation at the start is just that while what follows after that can be passed off as totally off-track unintentionally howlarious fantasy bromance that doesn’t have any idea about it’s true calling. Ranvijay puts in strong effort and conviction, Kavin Dave can’t help being funny , Salil Acharya tries hard to make it chilling and Anindita pretties up the scenario. But it’s all wrong for this spineless cocktail of missed opportunities and ambivalent intentions.Don’t go into this looking for scares… you would do better to prepare yourself for some lacerating swipes at your funny bone!


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