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#DaawatEIshq(hindi) Rating: *  *  * ½ Pitch Perfect romance touching Foodie heights with a strong message thrown in. #HabibFaisal excels in creating an immensely delightful menu with Aditya Roy Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra and Anupam Kher providing strong garnish and flavor. A perfect recipe for success if ever! #AdityaChopra #YashRajFilms #SpicePR #ParineetiChopra #AdityaRoyKapoor #AnupamKher #HabibFaisal

#Khubsoorat(Hindi) Rating: * * A Royal PAIN. #HrishikeshMukherjee must surely be rolling in his grave at this point- what with his rib-tickling laugh delight getting the rough shod re-treatment with an insipid Sonam trying to step into Rekha’s iconic shoes. #AnilKapoor’s bankrolling of this project alongside Disney is surely a misbegotten one ‘cos it’s likely to sound the death-knell for the careers of both his daughters. This is a travesty of a comedy, nothing justified, nothing gained. Everyone’s a loser here other than #FawadKhan and #KaizadKotwal #RatnaPathakShah who provide resounding restraint in an otherwise hysterical, ill defined class clashing misadventure! This class-clashing un-believable love drama is strident, shrill , trite and given to unbecoming hysterics. No patch on HrishikeshMukherjee’s original.#Disney #UTV #ShashankaGhosh #SiddharthRoyKapoor 

#TheMazeRunner(English) Rating: * * * Another cinematic adaptation of a successful Young adult novel, this one provides enough thrills, action and tension to keep you glued to your seats! another cinematic cashing-in of a successful young adult novel, this live game show concept film has sustained adventure and thrills to keep you interested.#UniversalPR #ParagDesai #FoxStar #WesBall #DylanOBrien #KayaScodelario #WillPoulter #JamesDashner

#AWalkAmongTheTombstones(English) Rating: ***
Brooding, melancholic, dark thriller takes a little too long to unwind. And just a little too enigmatic. Not enough consistency in tension to keep you glued, though. Sharp-shooting action and bloodied thrills do make up for some of the slack. The atmospheric advantage is lost in narrative indulgence but the bloodied action does provide fitful recompense #LiamNeeson #ScottFrank #DanStevens #BoydHolbrook #DavidHarbour #TOPEntertainment

#SwanLake(#PVRLiveDanceBalletNusical) Rating: * * *1/2 A stunning evocation of a classic tale through a variety of dance forms grounded by graceful ballet. #MathewBourne’s stunning Spectacular may not have the emboldened art direction of last week’s #Cinderella but it sure makes up for it with indefatiguable and unimpeachable dance artistry to the tune of Tschaikovsky’s resplendent music.. #MathewBourne’s spectacular raises the bar on performance artistry. Stunning use of varied dance forms to convey the dysfunction of a Prince craving for affection. A memorable take on a classic. Unflagging 2 hrs plus of masterly choreography and brilliant da nce
  #AvianMedia #GirishWankhede #PVRLive
#DolphinTale2 Rating: * * ½  DolphinTale2 written &directed by #CharlesMartinSmith, is an amiable tale about Winter’s latest trials and tribulations. It’s got the traditional family entertainment elements and plays out pleasantly. The movie is enamored with underwater dolphin point-of-view shots and sappy moments, which is Ok but.. it lacks narrative cohesion.#WarnerBros 

#PorBazaar(Marathi)  Rating:* * ½ Interestingly told youthful social drama with a message against girl trafficking. The performances and narration are competent enough but the lack of strong convincing punch belittles the enjoyment!Interestingly treated but not powerful enough.A youth friendly film, this one dares to make the youth of today aware of a social evil- kidnapping and trafficking of girls. And it’s the youth who break this ring. Interestingly told but it doesn’t pack enough punch!  #ManavaNaik #AnkushChaudhary #ARDProductions #SaiTamhane #CineshoreMedia

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